18 March 2008

A Wee Bit O'Irony

Monday was basically awesome. Got up nice and late, thanks to having taken the day off. The original intent was to ski the morning and go party at night, but the second round of the Wii Tournament at work was scheduled for Monday, and trying to win $250 for charity seemed the better thing to do. I got out to work and my co-worker Nathan and I destroyed our competition again, reaching the tournament finals, scheduled for the 31st. We got to play against the General Manager of our business group and one of his cronies, but we weren't about to go easy on them, so we didn't - defeating them 3 games to 0 in Wii Tennis. I wonder if we'll truly get challenged at some point in the tournament.

Got back from 'work', and headed out for the Rose & Thistle, where we linked up with pal Ryan initially for a brew. After a while, Snooks, Travis & Nicki, Kelly, and Miranda ended up joining us for our usual St. Patrick's Day tradition of enjoying some great brews, great food, and great friends at a Scottish Pub on an Irish holiday. We ate, drank, chatted and laughed, enjoying a few tunes on the pipes as we whiled away the hours. Played some darts with Ryan & Travis, and just basically had a great time with everyone.

Beck and I got home around 11-something, but I ended up staying up and playing Team Fortress 2 for a few hours. Fragtastic!


Kelly said...

I totally didn't realize you went into work just to play wii! That's dedication for you.

Well you'll have to keep us updated on the fundraising and wii games. Looks like you are some serious competition! :)

Thanks again for driving us and as always I had a fantastic time with you and Miss GD and the rest of our St. Patty's clan.

brando said...

That sounds like a darn good day.