28 February 2008

Unintentional Comedy Bots?

So I get this e-mail from a "CEO" of some company that's supposedly cataloging the "world's best blogs by location". He says, "We are searching the internet for the world's best blogs by geography, and we found yours for Portland."

Which of course I found hilarious. This Mickey Mouse operation isn't even the best blog that I personally know the author of, much less the best in any random geographical area.

Well, it might be the best blog on my street, but that would probably be by virtue of being the only blog on my street. But I can't verify that, so it won't be going on the banner or anything.

The guy goes on to say something about my blog being "important to [them]" because it has an "active community of readers". When did 6 or 7 people become a "community"?

How many hundred other people in Portland got the same message, I wonder. Surely this waste of Internet bandwidth isn't the only thing catching the attention of some random search bots.


BJDorr said...

I laugh at those ridiculous e-mail. Yeah, right!

brando said...

Don't sell yourself short. It's important to us.