15 February 2008

So That Was A Tad Unorthodox

But I loved it anyway. Valentine's Day came a little early for my wonderful wife, as her idiot husband (me) forgot to set the delivery date of her flowers for the 14th. For whatever reason, ProFlowers.com's default was the 13th. But she was happy with them just the same. I had them delivered to her work instead of to the house.

The gift certificate I got her for Dosha Spa arrived yesterday, though, so I at least got one thing right.

The odd part was that instead of immediately going into lovey-lovey-romantic mode as soon as we got home from work, we set about removing unwanted items from the house. Becky'd arranged for a dumpster so we could get rid of some things that we couldn't haul to the dump in the Sorento (among them a rather old, broken, and well-chewed couch - thanks, Phoebe). It was refreshing and liberating to free up some space in the house and prepare for some of the changes we want to make inside. We also finally tossed our Christmas tree - it had been sitting on the back patio since just after New Year's.

Satisfied with our teamwork, we high-fived each other, and decided we should get back to 'normal' and go out for dinner. It was 8-ish by then, so we figured we'd still be able to get a table somewhere nice. But we ended up at the Main Street Ale House. Not to say Main Street isn't nice, but it's not Ruth's Chris or McCormick & Schmick's or whatever. But that wouldn't be us, anyway, and those really spendy places are way into town. We had a great dinner, and called it a night around 10.

Kind of a weird way to spend our 14th Valentine's day, but I loved it anyway. There's something satisfying about hurling things against the dirty metal side of a dumpster and watching them break. And watching the love of your life gleefully do the same. Love ya, B!


brando said...

That sounds very liberating. I sort of get into packrat/stockpile mode and it's tough for me to stop.