25 February 2008

Ski Day 18: Evaluating, Training, Closing @ T-flats

Part of a pack of marauding ski patrollers. This was about all the time I had to take pictures.

Hm. I still haven't put in a free-ski day on the mountain yet. I think I might have to do that sometime very soon. I think I've earned it with a handful of days coaching and especially after standing around in the cold and wind evaluating candidates at First Responder Training for the ski patrol.

Sunday was one of those socked-in days up at Timberline, for the most part, where visibility was limited to the point where you couldn't see much more than a few hundred feet. Fortunately, evaluating first responders doesn't require great weather. But I could have done without the wind. Makes it kind of hard to write when your hand is freezing. We got through it all by 2pm or so, and thankfully all the apprentices that were up on Sunday passed their evaluations.

One of the apprentices was a hiller who hasn't been signed off on sleds, so I decided to grab a training sled and take him out for a couple runs to work on some things. We only got in 2 runs, but I think they were productive. He's probably about 3-4 days away from being ready to test. We had to ditch the sled and hurry over to Stormin' Norman to help out with sweep. Turns out we had plenty of patrollers, so a group of us got sent over to do the later portion of the sweep.

This meant time for turns. I didn't have my poles, having left them at the patrol room because we were running sleds. I don't really need them, so it wasn't a big deal, but there was one spot in the moguls near the bottom of Mustang Sally where I kinda wish I'd had them. I think the group of us made about 5 runs waiting to do our part of sweep. We were rat-packing and really hauling ass on the cruise-y groomers.

We finally got around to doing sweep, then headed off the hill into Govy for some beer and dinner. The idea was that the apprentices were to buy beer for the trainers/evaluators, but they all headed home right after we finished FRT evaluations at 2-ish. Lame.


BJDorr said...

All that hard work, toiling, sweating and laboring to train the new ski patrollers and they DIDN'T buy you beer? That's just wrong. Except if the apprentices are under 21 of course.