04 February 2008

Ski Day 15: Super (Ski) Bowl Sunday

Started the weekend bowling, skied at Ski Bowl, then saw the end of the Super Bowl. Cool.

The patrol building, 7am Super Sunday. Note all the snow. The roof had been cleared of snow last Saturday. That's not a miniature door.

Regular readers may recall I've had several tumbles on skis in the deep snow this season. Saturday, I sought to remedy that with the purchase of some fatter skis. My K2 Escape 5500s were a decent carving ski, but not so great in the deep stuff with relatively skinny dimensions at 107/68/97 (mm). The tips tended to submarine on me in the deep unless I sat back so far I feared snapping the tails off. So, I went with the K2 Apache Outlaw, which measures in at 124/88/111.

L to R: New hotness, old and busted (okay, not really busted, but that's the Men In Black II line), Pheebs.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until rather late in the morning that I got to really see what they could do. I joined the ranks of the sled-training coaches on the ski patrol this weekend, and one of the things we do with our apprentice groups in the morning is help with opening. Normally, this isn't a ton of slow work, but when the mountain has been getting dumped on, things get buried. I had a group of about 6 apprentices and we swarmed the lower bowl area to check and clear rope lines, dig out closure markers, re-set fences, dig out tower pads, and so on.

But, around 10:30, I dragged my group over to Scotty's Way and found out just how freakin' awesome it is to have the right tool for the job. Nice deep snow over there, and the new boards were flat-out superb. I was tearing it up over there, no problems at all. It's so nice to ski the steep and deep with confidence, knowing that your skis aren't going to betray you if you get a little forward. Made a couple runs in the Outback as well, my smile almost as wide as the shovels of my skis.

It was a quiet day at the Bowl, not a lot of people skiing, and nobody got hurt. I only got a couple runs in with my training group, watching them work on hauling unloaded sleds down Radical. Most of my group were only on their 3rd day or so, so they're still working on some fundamentals. Next time I'm up coaching, I want to work with some of them out of the handles, though. They're decent skiers, but need some work on some key areas.

One of the apprentices got signed off today, which is pretty early, but he'd been training both days just about every weekend since training began. I'm sure he'll end up being the Apprentice of the Year this year - he's really catching on fast, doesn't have to be told anything twice, and handles the toboggans well.

I got home to a rather happy missus. She was fairly giggling with glee at the Super Bowl result. She'd recorded the last few minutes of the game, so we sat down, watched the Giants defeat the Patriots*, and laughed at the TV.


Barkernews said...

Nice fat skis dude!

I'm SUPER bummed I missed out on this weekend.

Sounda like a blast!

BJDorr said...

Nice skis.

Thankfully we all have TVs in our cubes so I got to watch the game while I worked on an incredibly dead Sunday (usually my day off).

That was fun to watch the Patriots DIE at the LAST MINUTE!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, guys.

B-news: Would love to have you help us coaching, but totally understand your situation. There are a couple free-heelers in the M1 apprentice group.