07 February 2008

Huh? Work? Focus?

Since getting my new skis last weekend, and getting to make some runs in the steep and deep, I'm having a hard time focusing on work and...uh, well things not related to skiing. Forecastfox showing me snow and high-20s temps in Government Camp isn't helping much, either.

It's also going to be hard to want to run sleds for training on Sunday. I'm thinking it'll be area orientation in Heather Canyon all day.

Imagine for a moment that I came up with a creative segue into this next bit...

Okay, so the other day I go to the bathroom at work, and to my puzzlement I hear the guy in the next stall apparently on the phone with his bank or some other financial-based business. I heard him give out his account number and all kinds of stuff. WTF was he thinking? First, I find it simply inappropriate to be on the phone with anyone whilst voiding one's bowels. But to call your bank?! Really? Have we become so wrapped up in the whole "get - it - done - NOW - multitasking - is - the - only - way - to - survive - instant - gratification" culture that we're resorting to running errands on the crapper? What's next, putting a toilet in your car's driver's seat? And don't even get me started on the whole information security thing, either. Sheesh.

Never have I wanted to fart so loudly.


BJDorr said...

That's just nasty and inconsiderate to talk on the phone while utilizing the latrine.

Barkernews said...

dude I just worked a double today and they gave me Friday off!!!!!

I won't get off until midnight... but you can bet I'll be trying to catch first chair!

Ghost Dog said...

B-news: Awesome!!! Hope you got to rat-pack with the gang up there. As soon as I have a chit to burn, I'm gonna take a Friday off and go ski with them.

Larry said...

A friend of ours, in a similar situation to your "cube" mate, wrote down all the information, ssn, account number, credit card security code and such, maybe not all was given.

After the lady hung up the phone he handed her the information and explained if he was a bad person he could use her information.

She said thanks and threw the paper in the wastebasket. Some folks don't have a clue.

BJDorr said...

I noticed sometimes in winter and more often in the summer, "focus" and "work" just does not happen.

"Focus" and "recreation" happens ALL the time!