05 January 2008

From Suck To Awesome And Back

Well, I don't care about football anymore this season. A playoff loss will do that. Go any team not from New England!

The Steelers had a great first drive, then Ben throws INTs like they're going out of style (seriously, what the hell was up with trying to throw to Davenport - who was DOUBLE-COVERED - when Holmes was WIIIIIIDE open underneath?), then a 4th quarter that should have won the game.

I'm thinking the coaching staff shot themselves in the foot after they got that one-point lead, but if you go back and look at it, it was before that. Why try a two-point conversion from the 12 due to a (phantom, BTW - neither Al nor John agreed it was holding) holding call? Kick the effin' PAT. Don't get me started on the missed face-mask on Hines there. The Post-Gazette photographer caught it, though:

And while we're on the subject of holding, I lost count of how many times Steelers defenders were held by the Jags' O-line. Okay, okay, you can say I have my black-and-gold glasses on, but TWO guys got held on Garrard's 4th-and-two run in the 4th quarter. Khalif Barnes (#69 on the Jags) was holding like crazy all night. I challenge anyone to go back and look at the tape and then tell me I'm wrong. Oh, if you need any help, this is holding:

Hand(s) or arm(s) that encircle a defender—i.e., hook an opponent—are to be considered illegal and officials are to call a foul for holding.

Blocker cannot use his hands or arms to push from behind, hang onto, or encircle an opponent in a manner that restricts his movement as the play develops.

Yeah, I know, holding can be called on every play, blah, blah, blah. Yes, the Steelers made plenty of their own mistakes. And great teams overcome bad officiating. But the holding call on Mahan on the 2-point-conversion to Hines was ABSOLUTELY BS. Maybe they figured since he is a human turnstile most of the time, he couldn't have actually blocked his man? I dunno.

Still, it comes down to what the players/coaches do, and the Steelers just didn't do enough things right. Opening drive aside, it was a poor first half. The 4th quarter was some great offensive football right up until the second-to-last Steelers possession. I don't know why they tried a QB Draw on 3rd-and-6 when Big Ben was throwing so well. Slant to Hines, Holmes, or Miller would have got a first down and kept the drive going. Probably would have sealed the game. Baffling play-calling by Arians there. He'd better be the first off-season casualty. Sean Mahan better be the second. The Steelers really need a new Center.

Ugh. At least I'm healthy now, and at least I'm skiing tomorrow. Skiing fixes everything.


BJDorr said...

I hate it when refs make very bad calls.

Ghost Dog said...

Hehe...that's a great ad.

BJDorr said...

Oh Fudge, he's hangin' onto Ward's helmet for dear life, as if he was hanging off a rock cliff! Where the hell were the refs to call against that blatantly illegal move?