10 December 2007

Well, THAT Sucked

Okay, not entirely. Just the not-skiing and Steelers-losing-to-the-Patriots parts. We did hang out with Rick & Brandi, drink some good beer, do a bunch of laundry and stuff around the house, go to the dump, get a Christmas tree, put up lights on the house, and just about complete all our Christmas shopping. I even managed to wrap some presents.

Another highlight: finishing "Talk Dirty To Me" on Hard in Guitar Hero III. That's 3 songs out of 42. Brutal. I can't even imagine trying Expert on that game. Not outside of Practice mode, where you don't get booed off the stage when you suck.

So it was a good weekend in many respects. I didn't manage to frack up my shoulder any worse, either.

But I'm still a little chapped that my Steelers didn't win this week. I figure the *Patriots weren't going to have a 3rd bad game, and Anthony Smith just had to run his effin' yapper last week. So I knew it would take their best game to win. Yeah, they kinda didn't bring that to F-boro. Looked good to start, the defense getting a 3-and-out on the first series, and the first half was kinda close. But whatever halftime adjustments the *Patsies made worked, and the Steelers' playcalling or execution just plain got worse. My only hope on that is that they figured they'd just save it for the playoffs. I've little doubt we'll see them again.

The shoulder is progressing, and I should be back on the hill next week. I'm looking forward to that.


BJDorr said...

A car-clutch-gone-out moment sucks too. On the bright side, there is the trusty bicycle to get around, but not good enough to get me to the mountain. Car is at the car hospital getting a transmission surgery.

Major Clanger said...

You have GHIII for the Wii? I hate you - it seems impossible to get at a reasonable price.

p.s. I had to send my Wii back for a replacement as it became weirdly pixellated.

Ghost Dog said...

Best to wait for GHIII now anyway - the audio output is in mono, and they (Activision) will be correcting that soon.