30 December 2007

Ski Day 6: What A Difference A Week Makes

Out in the Outback at Ski Bowl.

...especially when it dumps snow all week! 30+ inches at the top of Ski Bowl during the past week. That's after whatever settled. So of course patrolling today was all about getting runs in. Thankfully, there were few cases.

The only thing that bugged me today was that it was still snowing - not for the snow part, but for the low-visibility/hard-to-keep-the-camera-dry part. But other than that, today was spectacular.

I picked up OEC classmate Bob to carpool, and drove off into the rain and darkness. As we reached about 2000 feet elevation, it became snow and darkness. Which was of course, awesome. Slowing down and dropping into 4WD high, we pulled in to the parking lot at the patrol building in Govt Camp, checking out all the gorgeousness of snow-covered everything. Chatted with some folks at the patrol building, then headed over to the "Palace" in 4WD low.

The snow swirled around us as we walked up to get ready for the day. I drew the Cascade opening assignment, which I kind of enjoyed, as I was paired up with Kory, one of the first patrollers I met at my first monthly meeting with the patrol. He's a cool guy who loves to ski, and gets his work done quickly (and well) so he can get to it. Anyway, we get to the top of Cascade to find only one toboggan.

Hm. There's supposed to be two.

I notice something oddly shaped jutting from the snow, and I dust it off to find that it's the second sled. Apparently, it had blown over during the night and was nearly buried in the snow. It took quite a bit of time to get it emptied out and get our inventory done, but we rewarded ourselves with a run down Rhododendron, which few people ever ski since there's a long traverse and it's often closed due to the bottom of the run being used as a tubing hill. It was awesome - knee-deep freshies, totally untracked.

We made a bunch more runs on the Cascade chair before I headed off for RC to pull my bump shift. It was kind of boring up until the middle part when cases started happening, but it quieted down as my relief showed up.

Snow right up to the window at RC. Sweet.

Then it was off to the Outback. More freshies were my reward for making the trek out to Tom Dick Peak, which I did twice today. I only wish the view was as great as the skiing, but given a choice between great view and great skiing...well, I don't have to finish that.

The bulk of the middle of the day was spent making runs in the Outback. I managed a couple photos, but was more focused on getting in turns and talking to people about the conditions and stuff. I found a lot of nice lines in the trees out there, and just about wore myself out schralping the radness.

This week's 'Hi Dad & Mom' shot. You can *almost* see across the valley...

My ski tips in all that snow. No diving into glop today!

It wouldn't last, as I had an assignment on Multorpor from 2-4. But I spent most of that time on a case ('boarder with an ankle), and then racing back to RC for Outback sweep since there were other folks on cases on the lower bowl. Outback sweep basically ruled, since blowing snow covered over a lot of earlier tracks. The sweep crew rallied up at the Log Road, and with all the snow out there, it was an enjoyable trip back to the lower bowl. I'd gotten so used to having to ski creatively to negotiate the log road, that I'd forgotten how great a ride it is when there's tons of snow.

Kory taking a break at the sweep rally point.

We finished sweep, and headed back to the Palace to de-boot, de-brief, and head on home. Took a little doing to dust off the Sorento, but we got rolling into the slow slow traffic before too long.

It was a pretty epic day.


BJDorr said...

I hear the slope conditions may be great for New Year's Eve! Fun stuff man. Watch out for drunks. Happy New Years.

Barkernews said...

Wicked. It's -15 here in Summit County, CO right now. Save some snow for me!

BJDorr said...

The slopes were great for New Year's. Some incidents on the Bowl slopes though. Happy New Year!