16 December 2007

Ski Day 4: Back Into It At The Bowl

Well of course I shot Mt. Hood. I could see it.

After taking last weekend off from patrolling (and missing both the coaches' "calibration" clinic and the tryouts), I felt good enough about where I was at with my shoulder to head back up and patrol. The drive up was uneventful, and I arrived at the "Palace" plenty early to get booted up and ready at a leisurely pace. We had a big crew today, but with the upper bowl closed, it was almost overkill.

I got to be on the crew opening lower bowl, but also drew the first bump shift at Multorpor. It was really strange not bumping out of the Rescue Center at the top of the upper bowl, but we managed. By the time I had made it back from checking and clearing all the sleds at lower bowl, my bump shift was about over with. I made some runs, but made sure I did my share of standing around at bump during the morning, since I didn't really pull a full shift.

Rick (at left) and Ryan, getting ready to go set some hazard-marking 'boo.

Wasn't really feeling the whole photo-snapping vibe today, but I did manage a few. We had 4 of us up from my sled-training group, which was kinda cool. The whole idea of having teams at Ski Bowl like they do at Meadows kinda fell apart, but the way things have been going so far, it's as though we do have a team going at least on Sundays.

The day was uneventful, and other than pulling sleds down from their leaned-against-the-shack positions, and putting them back, I didn't really test the shoulder much. But it held up fine with all the trips in and out of my backpack shoulder straps for the lift rides. I made a lot of good GS turns over on Multorpor today, and felt generally pleased with being back on the hill. I can't wait for the coming dump so we can get back on the upper bowl, though.

There were a couple cases today, but each time I was too far away to get involved. Or, in one instance, stuck on the chairlift. We nearly had a kid fall off the chair, but the mountain ops guys swooped in and handled the situation quickly and efficiently. Apparently, the kid slipped out of his seat and his mom grabbed him just in time to prevent him from falling. From what I heard, the kid ended up basically standing on his mom's ski tops while she held him, and the mountain ops guys had someone climb up a lift tower, attach himself to the lift cable, get to the chair, help the kid back into the chair, then somehow get back down. The patroller who witnessed it all said he'd never seen such a situation get resolved so quickly.

Later in the afternoon, we got to radio in to the pro patrol about some idiot who'd ducked the rope and tried to ski the upper half of the lower bowl liftline (in case you aren't familiar, there's some really dicey cliffs in one section). He barely made it past the cliffs, and managed not to injure himself (that we heard) in the process. We saw him from the chair, but didn't catch up to him. I didn't hear that the pro patrol had caught the guy, either. My buddy Dave yelled at him about not skiing a closed trail, and the jackass shot back something about there being snow on the trail.

Folks, don't duck ropes. Especially if you can't ski well enough to look awesome under the chairlift.

The day ended without much further incident, and I headed on home to watch the Steelers lose to the Jaguars. The Steelers' rush defense really missed DE Aaron Smith today. I have to believe the Jags don't run for 224 yards against the Steelers if Smith was in there. I don't have a lot of confidence in the Steelers going far in the playoffs, but I'm not writing them off. More improbable things have happened. On the plus side, Big Ben set a new Steelers' mark for passing TDs in a single season, at 29 and counting.


BJDorr said...

I haven't been to bowl for a while, but is that the cliffs between mid terminal (the Alpine Slide landing) and the upper terminal? It's been YEARS! But I'm trying to think where that cliff is. Bowl has changed.

Ghost Dog said...

Sounds like you're thinking of the correct cliffs.