08 December 2007

Shoulder Saga II: Almost A Week Later...

No phone call from the doc about the X-rays yet. Knowing him, he'll call tomorrow during the ball game. Thank Science for TiVo, in that case.

The shoulder is improving, range-of-motion coming back, pain starting to go away. There are still a few areas of pretty significant discomfort, but it's not as bad as Monday. At this rate, I should be only mildly annoyed with it by the end of next week. Hooray.

I thought about blowing off hitting the gym for the entire week, but reasoned that there shouldn't be any problem with sitting on an exercise bike. So that's what I did for 45 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and took it a step farther
(ha! get it?) on Thursday by hitting the stair machine. Wednesday and Thursday's workouts included some range-of-motion exercises for the shoulder, and a little bit of light lifting just to see what was comfortable. I don't expect I'll be loading up as normal next week, but should be able to do a little more. I did do some leg stuff on Thursday before hitting the stair machine.

Tomorrow, we start decorating the house.