25 December 2007

More Nerdy Christmas Stuff: Guitar Hero Style

Merry Christmas everyone! I was taking a break this morning from opening presents to check out what Google Reader Claus brought me. Aside from telling me Wii Sports is no substitute for exercise, and what gadgets the new KITT will sport, I found (and had to share) this:

Christmas Lights synched with Guitar Hero
. Every video game store should have been rocking this setup this year. Not that they needed the help to sell the game...

Hat tip: Engadget

PS - I call BS on the Wii Sports thing. Sure, it's not the same as hitting the gym, but the way I play it, I get more out of it than sitting on my ass. 5 or 6 rounds of boxing had me working up a sweat the last time I did that.


BJDorr said...

If there is some way we could get the Wii hooked up to a kicking or punching bag, then Wii's got it made.

Or hook Wii up to a cycling fitness trainer. A Wii Criteruim, minus the torment of downing the bike.

No BS there.

brando said...

I like the last part of that article. They cutely back out of their previous claim, by saying that it's more active and the game matters.

It's sort of a mealey-mouthed article. They want to have it both ways by implying that you are both inactive and active when you use the Wii.