08 December 2007

Mobile Beer Post

Tonight found us at the Highland Pub in Gresham. I had the Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown Ale, on nitro. Most excellent stuff. Fairly full-bodied, smooth brown, with a nice balance.


BJDorr said...

You should have photographed your brew.

brando said...

On Nitro? Are they force carbonating the stuff with nitro?

I suppose at that point one really couldn't call it "carbonating".

Nitroating? Nitrating?

Ghost Dog said...

They don't have nitro taps out where you are, Brando? Oh, man. You poor bastard.

Yeah, they use a nitrogen/CO2 mix for a lot of stouts or other dark ales out here, and it makes for a very, very smooth drinking experience. Usually done with Browns, Porters, Stouts, and most brewpubs only have one nitro tap.