08 November 2007

Viva Las Vegas III: Anniversary Edition

Night on the Vegas strip.

Sorry for the late post. After returning, catching up on TV (especially watching the Steelers thrash the Ravens on TiVo'd MNF - holy effin' crap, James Harrison went OFF), going to part 2 of Instructor Development for the ski patrol, back to work Wednesday, then sick today, I only now have time. I'm feeling better, thanks. I think lack of sleep and the transition back to Oregon climate kinda hit me. There must be something wrong with my sinuses - they've been a real problem this fall.

Anyway, back to the point - Vegas, baby! This past Monday was our 13th wedding anniversary, thus the celebration of excess. The flight down on Friday was uneventful, and we both just kinda chilled on the plane listening to our iPods.

On arrival, we made our first mistake - choosing the Gray Line shuttle instead of one of the others. We waited 45 minutes for a shuttle to the hotel, and all the while, shuttles from the other companies came and went repeatedly. Not gonna use those guys again.

We got to the Excalibur, checked in, and headed up to our room. The view...wasn't terribly impressive. We could see the airport quite well, though.

Looking out of our window. Not the most interesting view, but I like that I caught the same plane on takeoff 3 times while creating this panorama...

The jacuzzi tub in our room. The little window had a nice view of the MGM Grand. Looked cool at night.

First thing after unpacking a little, we got into the jacuzzi tub. Damn, that felt great. It turned out to be worth the extra money, with all the walking we did. We hit the tub every night. After drying off and getting dressed, it was off to the casino for a bit. We played some table games, I got hooked on Roulette, and we hit the Monorail to go check out the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton.

Monorail! I wish we'd remembered the song from 'The Simpsons'...

Unfortunately, we were too late to do any of the Trek stuff, so we decided we'd walk back to the Excalibur. That turned out to be a short-lived plan, but we did walk quite a ways before hopping back on the monorail.

Saturday, we thought we'd go back there before meeting our pals Rick & Brandi, who were flying down to meet us. We didn't get up early enough, so we just puttered around the Ex until we heard from them. We hung out with them all afternoon, spending a little time over at the sports book of the MGM Grand so Rick could put some money on the Ducks (they won).

Sunday, we went back over to the Hilton to get our nerd on and check out the Star Trek Experience, but got there too early because we forgot about the time change. Anyway, after hitting the slots for a little bit and exploring the Trek-themed shops and stuff, we got tickets to hit the museum part of the experience. Pretty cool stuff in there. We didn't do the rides, partly because of the expense, but mostly 'cause Beck isn't so keen on stuff where what you see and what you feel don't match. We did do the photo on the bridge of the Enterprise-D, though. Nerd on!

Mad nerditude, yo. I want this model at my house. Okay, maybe not. It's huge...

...but not as huge as the Enterprise-D.

Captain's uni, from the ST II - VI days. Just beyond it and to the right is McCoy's civvy duds from ST IV.

Takes a big damn bottle of Dom to christen a starship.

Yeah, we didn't try any. Stuff's illegal, y'know.

Spock's photon torpedo 'casket'.

Shoulda bought this. Can probably get it cheaper elsewhere, though.

Here's the scan of the bridge photo. I wasn't going to pay $4.99 to get it e-mailed to us.

We hung out with R&B a bunch after that, but not before checking out the car collection at the Imperial Palace.

Nice Rolls.

Ah, the GTO. I really liked this car. This shot's for Dad.

Yes, that's the 'Starsky & Hutch' car. They had the Mini from 'The Italian Job', too. No KITT replica, though. Damn it.

Gorgeous 'Vette. This one's for Becky's dad.

They had some modern stuff, too - like this Jag.

Sunday night, we went all over the place, from our hotel to the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, everywhere. We walked our asses off. Shot video of the fountains at the Bellagio, pictures of all kinds of flashy glitzy stuff.

The humongous lion at the MGM.

Le facque Arc de Triomphe.

Me, disagreeing with Julius. They went left.

Monday was spent doing more casino-hopping, then it was off to Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters for our night flight over the strip. I checked the Steeler game score before we took off (7-0, good guys), and after the safety briefing, it was off to the helicopter for a dazzling flight over the sparkling excess of Las Vegas. It was gorgeous, and I was totally geeked up about being in a helicopter again. Damn, I miss flying.

The MGM, from the air. Neato.

After the flight, we walked back to New York New York to have dinner at the Nine Fine Irishmen. Nice place, kinda expensive, but great food and atmosphere. Checked the Steelers game score after dinner (35-7, good guys - not even halftime yet!), met back up with R&B, and played more games.

We got up and hit the airport so early that we were offered (and accepted) an earlier flight back. No baggage screwup, thankfully, and a smooth ride home. We'd gotten there so early that we were able to catch a flight that landed in PDX about 15 minutes after we would have taken off from Vegas. Not bad. Came home to a very excited Phoebe, did a little laundry, watched the Steelers game, and headed off to class. I crashed HARD Tuesday night.

I'll post the videos of the fountains and the heli flight when I get a chance to do some editing.


Ryan said...

SUH-weet, you're like, Captain of the Enterprise, and B is Number One. What was the set like? Looks pretty cool in the photo.

Glad you guys had a good time, looks like you did. :)

Kelly V. said...

AWESOME!!! I'm incredibly jealous. I'm so glad you both had a wonderful and memorable anniversary! :)

Congrats you two!

Welcome home. Feel better :)

Ghost Dog said...

The set was pretty much cool. They even had doors labeled 'Head' and 'Turbolift' off to the captain's right. The front screen was off, but all the displays on the stations behind the chairs were active. There were little keypad things on the arms of the captain's chair, but they weren't lit up, which was kind of a bummer.

Can't wait to show y'all the video of the fountains and the 'copter ride. Should get it uploaded this weekend.

Broken Camera Guy said...

I didn't know that the Holodeck came with a Vegas vacation program. :)

lands said...

Yeah the goat, Gas Tires Oil. Mine was a 65 hardtop. Mom, your grandmother, drove it and said she never went over 50. Of course she was looking at the tach I had installed, 50 x100 RPM's. In 4th she must have been moving.

Glad you had a good time.