18 November 2007

Sucktastic Sunday...Mostly

Was supposed to head up to the mountain today. Got all dressed up and ready to go put in my first day of patrolling for the '07-'08 season, but I knew they didn't open up Timberline yesterday. Our hill captain sent the word out Saturday night that we would wait for a go/no-go decision in the morning today, so I waited.

For some strange reason, Comcast decided to screen his 'no-go' message, but I managed to get a little worried when decision time came and no mail, so I checked just in case. So I got to stay home.

The only good part about it was I got to spend the day with Beck, when I wasn't expecting to, so that was nice. As satisfying and enjoyable as skiing/patrolling is, I always love to spend time with the missus. But I wanted this one. I needed it. I'm jonesing big time to make some turns.

We...did laundry - at a laundromat. Why, you ask? For the adventure? For the nostalgia (we hadn't done so since we were in the Army)?


The dryer had given up the ghost last week, and we haven't taken delivery of the new one yet. That'll happen Monday. So the other project for the day was to clean out the laundry room and set the old and busted dryer outside under the patio cover to await the appliance hearse.

Amid the day's running around, Beck got a haircut she absolutely hated, and then wasn't feeling so hot. Pile a Steelers loss on top of that and the dead dryer and the no-skiing, and you have today's dose of suck.

Beaten by the Jets? Seriously? Something's gotta happen on that Steelers offensive line, and/or Ben needs to get rid of the ball faster. Holmes was hurt, but the other guys can play. Throw a slant or two, for crap's sake. And find somebody who can block better than Sean "The Matador" Mahan. Damn it, that guy sucked today. I watched way too many plays today where he got blown off the ball. No wonder Willie and Najeh couldn't make much happen on the ground. The zebras weren't helping, either. I lost count of how many times I saw a Jets offensive lineman with his arm around the neck of Clark Haggans.

But it goes both ways. The Steelers were playing rather undisciplined football themselves.
If not for the defense shooting themselves in the foot with penalties in the final few minutes, they might have won the game 16-13. Wish I knew why they keep laying eggs against shitty teams. Arizona, Denver, and now the Jets. I don't think it's the coach.

But the Sunday wasn't a total loss. I got through a few more gigs on Guitar Hero III on the Wii at Medium difficulty. Beck bought it for us on a whim, and it's way fun. I finished the game on Easy the other night. Rock!!!


brando said...

Yeah, the Steelers had a rough day. What can you do? *shrugs*

Sorry to hear about your dryer. Dry clothes are nice.