29 November 2007

Nice Low Snow Levels

Gotta love it. Ski Bowl says they've received 13" in the last 24 hours. I'm so stoked. I love patrolling at Ski Bowl, and last weekend I worried that I'd have to go back up to Timberline instead of fulfilling my dispatch at the Bowl.

But it's snowing. A lot. Still. And the forecast has more of the white stuff in store for the Bowl.

Can't wait 'til Sunday.


Major Clanger said...

Great! I just came back from a the southern hemisphere and I get a complete shock as Oregon seems to be entering an early winter, I liked it last week when it was summer!

Broken Camera Guy said...

Well, good news dude. Ski Bowl opens tonight! We'll see what happens though on Sunday with that beast of a storm that supposed to move through.

Barkernews said...

Bro. It's all gonna melt.
Our meteorologists say we're in the bullzeye of a Pineapple Express. Levels go up to 8,000 feet Sunday and it's gonna dump rain for days.

Of course, they're often wrong. Let's hope so.

I've gotta go do the family thing this weekend so I won't be able to patrol.,

Broken Camera Guy said...

Dude, it's bad enough that Oregon may get its first hurricane warning, as some weather guessers are calling it.

Ghost Dog said...

B-news, my Cheerios were just fine with milk on them. Didn't need you to piss all over 'em.

Wondered why your name dropped off the dispatch. Have fun doing whatever it is.

Here's hoping the weather guessers are completely full of crap. Or at least wrong about the snow level.

Welcome back, Maj. C.

brando said...

I just got word that I may get a chance to go skiing in Switzerland in February. Oh, and I've never skied before. Is that going to be a problem?

Skiing is something that a whole lot of people have done but for some reason, I've fallen through the cracks and been left behind. But, no more, I say.

I yearn to join the ranks of the skiing population.

Ghost Dog said...

There's probably plenty of beginner/intermediate terrain in SUI. Where exactly might you be going, Brando-san? Skiing in Europe rules (well, it did in the early '90s anyway). I want to go back badly.

brando said...

I don't even know yet. It's just scuttlebutt at this phase, but I'll be sure to be vocal about it when/if the time comes.