15 November 2007

Look, If You Can't Meet The Schedule, At Least Change The Damn Thing

Ugh. I'm so frackin' frustrated with Tri-Met, I might actually go complain in person. I'd hate to have to take time away from work to go down there and give it to them with both barrels, but it's rapidly climbing my list of crap I feel compelled to do. Another workout cut short today, an early meeting I had to rush to, 20 minutes wasted on the 46 bus on the other half of the route.

I could blame my work for cutting the shuttle service start time from about 6:15 to more like 7. But I won't - they did it in large part because there's the 46 bus that runs twice between 6 and 7am.

Hey, here's an idea: instead of wasting time and effort on TriMetTV video podcasts (good thing I have a 30GB iPod, or I'd be pissed that I wasted the space on that drivel), they should try and put some effort into having their frackin' MAX trains run ON TIME.

I know, it's crazy talk. I mean, the schedules are printed on who knows how much paper, and available in a number of electronic means, but that doesn't necessarily mean the buses or trains actually have to be anywhere at any particular time.


I guess it's too much to ask when you're riding the train nearly end-to-end and you expect it to arrive at your exit stop on time. Who knew?

I imagine there's a reason those "America's Best Transit System" stickers on the older LRVs are cracked and faded. They certainly don't get my vote in the timeliness category for 2007.


Broken Camera Guy said...

That's why I drive to work. Nearly three hours on TriMet ONE WAY, or 35 minutes of driving from Milwaukie to Aloha. Six hours total of commuting on top of a ten hour work day doesn't make sense. No time to sleep!

Ghost Dog said...

Driving to work would be faster, but most of the time driving home is a wash. Or slower!

If I could, I'd drive to work and take the train home.

Ryan said...

Yeah, dealing with Tri-Met can suck. It really does depend on two things though, 1: the route in question, and 2: the traffic (specifically if it's a bus). My route in the morning is pretty consistent. If I get to the stop closest to my house about 5 minutes before it's scheduled to arrive, I'm good to go. Once in a while it's early, or more likely, really late.

Going home is a different matter, sometimes I can go out, catch my bus in a reasonable time, and traffic is good so I get home in 30 minutes, door to door. Other days it's more like 45. That's a 15 minute delay for someone up the line waiting to get picked up. It's all traffic.

I'm not sure how, but it always seems that there are twice as many cars in the afternoon rush hour than there is in the morning. :)

Broken Camera Guy said...

Oh yeah, if any of the following happens, your MAX commute is screwed:

1. Pedestrian hit by MAX.
2. Vehicle hit by MAX.
3. Bicyclist hit by MAX.
4. Crime incident on MAX.
5. Freezing rain.
6. Unplanned protest or rallies through downtown.
7. Bomb threats.

At least buses and automobiles have the option to detour. Of course the first four items listed are becoming all too frequent.

Ghost Dog said...

Actually, I think #4 on your list is the only thing I haven't had a commute hosed by.

Oh, and #6 could be amended to include planned protests/rallies.