03 October 2007

Tuesday Night Sammich And Slide

Well, they weren't in the same place, and I'll get to the slide part in a bit. Hung out with pal Ryan at the Goose Hollow Inn last night, for dinner and a couple beers. Our wives were out seeing Camelot at the Keller together, so we figured we'd hit the pub for a bit after work.

I love the Goose - the atmosphere is friendly, the staff is great, the food even better. They pour a good Guinness there, and you can hang out and often chat briefly (or get sucked into long conversations) with strangers, outdoors when it's nice, or under the awning when it's not. I always have a good time there. The hot turkey sandwich effin' rules.

Now, I don't know if I just never noticed it prior to the last 3 or 4 trips to the Goose, but there always seem to be fuel trucks driving by, heading up the hill. And they're LOUD. What's funny is watching how it affects the conversations going on. Some folks stop, others get louder, and sometimes the conversations turn political.

I didn't want to have a friend walking and dealing with public transportation in the downpour that was happening when we left, so I had Ryan hop in the Jeep and took him home. He's sort of on the way anyway, so it's an easy sell, but easier still in the deluge. The roads heading to his place weren't terribly crowded, so it wasn't a stressful trip. But the drive from his place to mine was pretty brutal.

The slide was just a small one, and I quickly controlled it, but what had me more on edge was the portion of the trip on I-84 east. There was so much standing water that you almost couldn't see the ruts to avoid hydroplaning in them, and so much spray from all the other cars that keeping the windshield clear was a challenge even at the fastest wiper setting.

Sure was a relief to get off the interstate.


Ryan said...

Egads, that sounds horrible! Thanks for the ride home, but sorry to hear the rest of the trip was so sketchy.

BJDorr said...

Insane rain yesterday. The sky busted open as I got the lawnmower out to mow my lawn. But with wet grass a foot thick, forget it. The mower keeps choking.

Kelly V. said...

Holy COW! Well at least you made it home safe! I hope your wife didn't have any scariness on her drive home!
We had a fabulous time at dinner and the show!Glad you boys kept each other in good company! :)

Ghost Dog said...

K: B didn't mention anything. Seemed to cool out after I got home. Wasn't raining nearly as hard.