28 October 2007

Feeling Refreshed, Ready To Hit The Slopes...In A Couple Weeks

Today was the last of the ski patrol's 3 OEC refresher sessions, and another pseudo-reunion of the Spring '06 OEC class. I think we were about 10 or so strong today, and I was pleased to see 'em. I like the refresher 'cause it means I'll be back on the hill very soon.

Not lost on me or fellow patroller and Steelers fan Patrick was the fact that our beloved Black & Gold were playing today. I just had to check the score at our lunch break (21-6, Steelers).

I think this year's refresher was much more crisp than last year. The skill reviews, discussions, scenarios, and so on just seemed to go so well and in such a timely manner. Kudos to the gang putting the whole thing on. I overheard a patroller visiting us from another area saying it was one of the better refreshers in which he'd participated in recent memory. I mean, we even had time to take a few minutes to embarrass one of the trainers who's about to turn 50.

After checking the final score of the Steelers-Bungles game (24-13, Steelers), I wrapped up the day at the refresher, turning in the sign-off sheet, getting my card signed, and so on. I rushed home to help hang some curtains and help clean up the house, then settle in and watch the game. TiVo basically rules. Sure, I knew the outcome, but I love watching the guys take care of business, especially against division rivals. Next week's game is on my anniversary, so TiVo again to the rescue. I'll be too busy smooching my missus on a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip to care much about the game, but you can bet dollars to donuts I'm checking the score when we land. And I'll happily wait until we get home to actually watch the game - sans commercials, in HD.

Rewind a little to Saturday night, which found us celebrating pal Ryan's 33rd birthday. We got him a Shaun of the Dead action figure two-pack, some special limited-edition hot sauce, and a few beers from Belmont Station. I should have grabbed him a Rolling Rock, given it was his 33rd, but I figured good beer would be better than symbolic beer.
It was good to see the great folks we've met thru R&K, as well as hang out with the birthday boy. Ryan & Kelly always put on the best parties, so I was definitely bummed to have to bail early due to the early wake-up for the OEC refresher. But it's done.

Time to get the skis stone-ground and start thinking about snow tires.


Kelly V. said...

We were delighted to have you over. It was a small gathering this year and I think we will keep our gatherings that way, its just nice to be able to spend time with those are dearest to us.
Thanks for spoiling Ryan and keeping him well stocked with beer! :)
Have a most romantic and magical time in Vegas! :)

Ryan said...

Thanks, as always, for coming over!