16 September 2007

What To Wear?

I don't know what to do for work tomorrow. Arsenal jersey and Steelers cap, or Steelers jersey and Arsenal cap? This would be so much easier if they wore the same colors.

The Gunners, in their match against hated rival Spurs, looked to be on their way to losing during the first half. Too many blown chances to draw level, but we true believers don't give up. They made three excellent strikes in the second half to beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-1. Adebayor's exclamation point was a thing of beauty, even if it wasn't necessary and came in stoppage time. Some really great football from Arsenal on Saturday.

As for me, I totally slacked off, except for re-organizing the shed and doing probably seven loads of laundry. B spent the day with her sisters. I played Call of Duty 3 on the Wii. Killed myself a bunch of times with my own grenades. For some reason, it wasn't registering the throwing movement from the nunchuck.

Today was lazy football-watching day. My Steelers beat the Bills at home 26-3, looking pretty good in their 1960 throwback uniforms. I understand they'll be wearing them again at a home game in November. The guys had a rough time finding the end zone in the first half, but a pile of Jeff Reed field goals would have been enough anyway. Rookie TE Matt Spaeth had another TD catch, making it look like we scored again on another good TE in the draft. He and Heath Miller are big targets, and hopefully we see even more from them the rest of the season. The 49ers, Cards, and SeaChickens await. We could very well be 5-0 before we hit our bye week.

Saw some banners in the stands from Steelers fans wishing Kevin Everett well (he's the Bills TE who has a life-threatening spinal cord injury last week against Denver). Class move by those fans. I hope he continues to get better. It sounds like he is.


BJDorr said...

Steelers beat the Bills? More like the Steelers spanked the Bills!

brando said...

Those spine injuries in the NFL scare the carp out of me. When trent green hot smacked last year, I was a bit worried.

Those guys take/give a beating for a lot of money.