09 September 2007

Weekend Roundup: Yard Work, Golf Tourney, And Steelers Football

A gorgeous day at the Reserve.

Not a half-bad weekend. Saturday, we got a bunch of yard work and laundry done, mowing both the front and back yards, and buzzing down pretty much all the weeds around the edges. Did some cleaning around the house as well. A nice relaxing evening after the work.

Today, I spent the bulk of the day out at The Reserve in Aloha, helping the patrol with the 11th Annual John Keyes Memorial Golf Benefit. This year, as I did last year, I spent the day driving all over the golf course, ferrying people and things thither and yon, getting some sun, and watching some golf.

And taking pictures.

Yeah, like I wasn't going to do that.

My first personal mission was to locate the tee that I'd helped sponsor, along with my apprentice-mates. Our sign was stuck way out on hole #14, but that also happened to be a 'hole-in-one' hole, where participants could win a $250 gift certificate, and a 'KP' hole, where they were doing the closest-to-the-pin contest. So, it was manned by a pair of fellow patrollers, and had plenty of activity. Cool.

The 14th hole. Par 3, 141 yards. Watch the bunkers!

Hey, look who sponsored #14! Yes, B-news, I totally copied the Invert class' idea. Sue me. I bet our sign looks better than yours did, though.

During the day, I managed to shoot a handful of golfers doing their thing, including Matt Averill, a long-drive pro who has come out to the last several of these for us to "sell" long-distance tee-shots to interested golfers. The guy hits the ball a LONG damn way.

Matt Averill, getting ready to knock the cover off of the ball.

A few of our very own MHSPers were out hitting the links. One of the guys who trained me was out there, as was the '06-'07 Associate Apprentice of the Year, so I snapped photos of those guys as well.
MHSP '06-'07 AAoY John swinging a big club on #15.

Trainer Gordy grips it and rips it on #11, the "money hole".

After the luncheon, and awards, it was time to go, so I went on home. Somewhere along the way it got damn hot outside. Didn't really notice until I got out of the wind.

Plopped down in front of the TV to watch my Steelers thrash the hated Cleveland Clownies 34-7. Nice way to start the regular season, and an emphatic first win for new head coach Mike Tomlin. I like what he's done for the team so far, and am looking forward to a great season. Sure, it was Cleveland, but the Steelers looked flat-out dominant on defense. Big Ben threw a career-high 4 TDs - and two of them were to *gasp* TEs. And they weren't goal-line play-action passes, either. Sweet.


BJDorr said...

Sounded like you had fun out there. You didn't have to utilize any ski patrol skill out on the course, did you?

Ghost Dog said...

Thankfully, no. No heat injuries that I knew of, nobody struck by golf balls, etc.

Barkernews said...


Sorry we missed it!

How was the turnout?

BJDorr said...

No "Happy Gilmour"-type golfers...

Ghost Dog said...

B-news: - C'mon. You're not that sorry. :)

Turnout was decent, I thought. I don't remember how many golfers we had, but it seemed busy all day.