19 September 2007

Pitfalls Of Public Transportation, Part XII

Monday and Tuesday this week were frustrating examples of what can happen to a municipal mass-transit system because there's no competition and few riders in the early morning. Both days, the MAX train that was supposed to depart 188th Avenue (the stop just before I hop on) at 4:58am didn't even show up.

No, it wasn't late. I know that because the Yellow Line train that was scheduled for 5:02 was on time both days. I wasn't late getting to the stop, so I know I didn't miss it. The train just plain didn't appear.

I contacted Tri-Met, seeing as I had the time to do so. I mean, what else was I going to do? Stand in the pre-dawn darkness at the Convention Center stop (I hopped on the Yellow Line anyway, knowing I'd have to hop off and wait)? But, as I expected, all it did was generate a "we'll look into it" response. You never get the "why" out of those people. Or any real feeling that they genuinely give a shit. Who else's light-rail am I going to use? Oh, that's right - there's only MAX.

The end result was that my workouts were cut short because I didn't get to work early enough. So I didn't get to do any weight training until today. My arms might just fall off, so I guess I better end this post soon. Legs are the focus tomorrow.

If my train shows up on time. It did today.


Aaron said...

Interesting. Public transit in the area definitely leaves something to be desired. It's something I blog about occasionally - you might be interested to read VanPortlander at http://www.vanportlander.com - one of my most popular posts in the last week was on TriMet's response to the gas leak downtown.

Ghost Dog said...

Heh. I liked how they haven't been sending follow-up alerts saying service has been restored.

BJDorr said...

Wait until we get one inch of snow when this city goes into a complete shutdown! Fun times.

Adron said...

That's hilarious. It'll teach you to think you'll be getting up early! ;) j/k

It seems Tri-met doesn't always have a great response to issues, the e-mail alerts are great, but as Aaron posted on vanportlander, that's where the efficiency ends.

Then of course, when one relies on a car and the interstate gets shut down like it did last year during the snow, or the stupid car breaks, or... the list goes on, that generally sucks 10x worse than missing on MAX train. :(

But I digress. It makes me glad I walk to work downtown. :)