01 September 2007

Mobile Post: Live from Elgin

Phoebe and me @ the in-laws' place. Taken with my camera phone.


BJDorr said...
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BJDorr said...

That is a great shot of you and Phoebe! Looks like there is another happy pooch behind Phoebe trying to peek into the frame.

By the way, how did the brown fur on Phoebe's face suddenly go from her left side to her right side?

Ghost Dog said...

Oh no! She's been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a mirror copy!

Weird. Looks like my camera phone flips the image in self-potrait mode. Didn't know it did that.

Gotta figure out how to change the title for my mobile posts. Still messing around with that, now that I have a wireless carrier that Blogger Mobile supports.