29 September 2007

Friday Night Out, Plus Some Pics

The other day, I saw a fellow blogger from out-of-state mention on his blog he was coming to town. Mark Cafiero over at Six Peeps is a wedding photographer - a damn good one - and had posted that he was shooting a wedding this weekend here in Stumptown.

I'd 'met' Mark via his blog, finding it thru the Epic Ski Forums a while back, on a search for other ski patroller blogs. We traded hats back in April, which was really cool, so I figured at the least
I should try to say hey while he was in town. I e-mailed him to say we should try to link up for a beer or something, so we did.

I hadn't been to the Mash Tun in a while, and since I knew Mark would be busy until later (shooting the rehearsal dinner) and B was going to be out with her sisters, I pinged pal Ryan about going out to have a brew since his other half Kelly would be off at a benefit dinner thing. We hung out at the Tun, tipping back a few Turbodogs and chatting away about tech stuff, the new Star Trek film, TV stuff, and so on. We split a hummus plate, which is flat-out awesome. If you even sorta-kinda like hummus and pita wedges, you must go have the hummus plate at the Mash Tun.

Kelly arrived somtime after 9 (I think), and brought a gift she'd picked up for B and I in NYC. It's a really cool back 'Heroes' coffee mug, with the comic book panels of Hiro on it, direct from the NBC store. Awesome! The three of us hung out for a while, and Mark called. With Ryan's help, I gave him directions to meet us at Mash Tun. We hung out until around midnight, getting to know him a little and talking about all kinds of stuff, from how Mark and I had 'met' to how Beck and I had met R&K, to our work, how our towns were similar and different, and loads more. It was really cool to finally meet Mark after having read his blog and seen his work online. Hopefully we'll get to ski together sometime soon, either here or in Colorado.

Today, I finally uploaded some Phoebe pics I'd taken last week, as well as some shots of the humongous spider that has taken up residence outside our front window. Enjoy!

Phoebe crashes with kitty-pal Maggie on the couch. Funny how they both love to sack out on the top of the couch back.

A tired Pit is a happy Pit. Lookit that 'smile'...

Ya gotta wear 'em out. It's the only way to get good photos.

Best I can tell from searching the...uh, web...is this one is a Cross Spider (AKA European Garden Spider). Pretty cool markings.

Kind of a neat fleur-de-lis on its back. I was getting frustrated trying to shoot the bugger until I tried the other image-stabilization mode on my camera.


BJDorr said...

Phoebe crashing out on the sofa back, that is funny! Although it's not the first because Henry does that too. Couch potatoes.

I took a trip up to Timberline today, just to get myself psyched for the upcoming ski season! And shoot photos. Photos at my blog and Web site.

Barkernews said...

Cute puppy!