05 September 2007

Pitfalls Of Public Transportation, Part XI

This truck lost a battle with MAX.

Well, when you have rail-based surface-run mass transit, things like this can happen. I was aboard the eastbound Blue Line train (well off to the left from where I shot this), and just as we pulled into the Skidmore Fountain stop, the driver came on the intercom to tell us we might as well debark, since the westbound train hit a truck.

Holy shit...hope everyone's okay, I thought. Then, Damn...better call B and get a ride home. I walked up to see the carnage, and see if the medical people needed any help (they didn't). I snapped a couple shots with my camera phone, posted the first one via Blogger Mobile. After I posted the previous shot from my phone, I realized I had left the camera set to 160x120, which is of course awful tiny. I changed it to 640x480 and got a better shot of the front of the train:

Looks like the train fared pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Then I called B, went to Kells, had a pint of Smithwick's, and waited for B to come pick me up.


BJDorr said...

Dang. I would have put that right up on YouNewsTV in a heartbeat. With a preliminary story. Just like the story about underage drunk that got hit by a train near my house last July. Both KATU and KGW aired my photo.

lands said...

Stupid truck. Looking for the Darwin award I guess.

Ghost Dog said...

I haven't looked into the YouNews thing. Can you do that directly from a mobile phone?

BJDorr said...

I don't think YouNewsTV supports mobile submissions because the photo/video and content submission is through a Web form and likely expects "reporters" to send in a story too.

I cannot imagine writing a complete news article with a cell phone. Usually an informative article goes a long way too, as I found out, when submitting a photo or video.

That's where a laptop with a wireless internet card comes in.

Ryan said...

Argh. What a moron.

BJDorr said...
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BJDorr said...

Just a quick note about the truck-MAX collision: Before we rush to judgment on the truck driver, KPTV reports (Oregonlive.com the reports same thing) that the truck failed to stop at a red light. We yet have to know why the truck and the driver ran that red light. It is also reported that the investigators are looking into the matter further by looking at surveillance videos.

It could be operator error/intention or it could be a mechanical problem with the truck.

Kelly V. said...

CRAZY!!! At least no one was hurt.