24 September 2007

Chair Assault School, 2nd Edition

Mid-50s and partly cloudy, my soaked ass.

The weather-guessers were incorrect once again, but having lived out here almost 10 years now, I figure it's a challenge to get it right this time of year. So it was that we got drizzled on all day during our lift evac practice on Sunday.

The cool part? It was like a class reunion, only it'd only been some months or weeks since I'd seen some folks. I think at least 15 or 20 of the 50+ that were there were Spring '06 OEC grads like myself, and a handful more from the fall class. The good thing about the lengthy wait-around - er, registration - portion of the day's activity was that I got to get caught up with lots of folks.

Barkernews has a nice account of the day, with video and photos, on his blog. I brought my camera, but I didn't haul it out at all. My hands were cold and I didn't feel like taking my gloves off to do any shooting.

After being lowered off the chair, I got to belay 2 people off a chair, be the belay anchor once, and play 'scribe' once as well. I like all this rigging stuff, probably from my scouting, air assault, and sailing days, so the belaying and low-angle rescue and knot-tying stuff was fun and interesting. Kept me from thinking about how cold my hands were getting, and how soaked my lower pant legs were getting.

We got to do some avalanche transceiver practice, and brush up on CPR skills as well. I'm really starting to get jacked-up for ski season to start. The patrol monthly meetings start back up next month, and then there's the OEC refresher as well. Won't be long now. Time to take the skis in for their annual stone-grinding and get all the dings in the bases repaired.

I had talked the missus into helping some of the patrol wives out with setting up the after-practice BBQ, and she was a real trooper to come up early with me - despite the crap weather and having to wait around several hours before the rest of the events committee showed up. I'm lucky to have her.

We bailed out of the BBQ a little early, and had planned to hit Ikea to go get the bed frame that we decided we wanted after shopping around on Saturday, but they were sold out already. Damn the luck. Went home and watched the TiVo'd Steelers game and did some laundry instead. Another great weekend from both of my favorite teams - the Steelers put up 37 points against the 49ers, and Arsenal dropped 5 goals on hapless Derby County, with a hat-trick coming from Adebayor. He could have had 2 more goals the way he was going.


lands said...

Isn't it nice to have a job where you can be incorrect a lot and still get paid and told you are doing a good job?

lands said...

Oh that was in reference to the weather guessers. But you knew that.

BJDorr said...

I'm not seeing much difference between the psychic hotlines and the weather forecasters, except the meteorologists don't charge $3.99 per minute.

Ghost Dog said...

LandS: Yep, I knew that. I bet the weather-guessers that don't have to face the public are laughing all the way to the bank.

BJDorr: Yeah, and you probably get more useful information from the psychics.

Unless you ask them about the weather.

BJDorr said...

Isn't it nice to have a job where you can screw up an entire major city big time, still get paid and praised by uttering the word "snow" even though the snowfall never happens?

Example: Portland.