14 September 2007

BeliCheater Busted

It's no secret that many Steelers fans, like myself, dislike the New England Patriots. You could go as far as to say we hate them. Maybe not as much as Jets fans do, but there you go.

So you can imagine the glee I'm feeling that they've been exposed as cheating scum. Especially their arrogant prick of a head coach, who likes to thumb his nose at the NFL by fudging his injury reports and wears cut-up sweatshirts on the sidelines. I love the NY Post's article. They seriously hate that guy.

The league handed down some pretty stiff monetary penalties ($500k fine for Belicheat, $250k for the Pats' organization), and will take away draft pick(s). But I'm a little surprised there's no suspension for Belicheat. Also, I'm a little surprsed that they fined the coach 2x as much as the organization. Huh?

Anyway, this doesn't seem to be much of a surprise. I remember several Steelers players, after the tough 2004 AFC Championship game loss, saying things to the effect that it was like they (the Patsies) knew what they (the Steelers) were going to do on many plays. Then there was the incident last season in Green Bay.

Go Chargers. Hope you guys changed your defensive hand signals.

Oh, and THIS SONG is hilarious.