10 August 2007


Seriously? Alright then.

I thought my softball team's chance at making the playoffs was only slightly better than my beloved Pirates' chance even at the NL Wild Card race, which is to say quite slim indeed. But the e-mail came yesterday, and we have at least one game left to play next Tuesday. I'd pretty much figured we were done for the year.

Maybe we can crank it up and get a win. But now I'm in a quandary about which side of the plate to hit from. Hopefully, I will have a couple batters in front of me to see how each side of the defense plays. I really need to work on 'going the other way' with the ball so I can just bat righty.


Golfers - the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol wants YOU!

News Release from: Mt. Hood Ski Patrol

Posted: August 9th, 2007 7:40 AM

August 10, 2007

For Immediate Release

The Mt. Hood Ski Patrol will host its 11th Annual Golf Benefit at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha, Oregon on September 9, 2007. The nation's oldest all volunteer ski patrol, born in 1937, relies on golfers to help raise funds for first aid and rescue equipment.

Mt. Hood Ski Patrol provides immediate first aid to injured outdoor enthusiasts. It must raise its own funds to purchase sleds, bandages, radios, splints, backboards, oxygen, defibrilators and rescue equipment. Staffing five first aid rooms, the patrol is serious about the care it offers, but keeps fun at the forefront, especially in fundraising.

Golfers may help support the Ski Patrol by registering individuals and teams to play competitively. Interested Golfers should go to http://www.mthoodskipatrol.org/ and click on John Keyes Memorial Golf Tournament to register.

This benefit honors Lt. Col. John Keyes of the 939th Search and Rescue Wing who, along with ten others, lost his life while on duty on November 22, 1996. John was an active member and past President of the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol.

Our highly trained, nationally recognized first responders administer aid and provide rescue services year round. We are funded entirely by donations, grants and our members.

Visit our website at:http://www.johnkeyesmemorial.org/ or http://www.mthoodskipatrol.org/

Contact Info: Contact: Pat Stevens, Mt. Hood Ski Patrol Benefit Director 503-293-6896

Help us out, won't you?