12 August 2007

Football, Football, Baby!

Alright, the baby part is first. Saturday, we got to go meet Travis & Nicki's new son, Henry. I got to hold the little fella, and he was quiet the whole time - much to my surprise. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, having not held a week-old baby in...uh...

I'm not sure I've ever held a week-old baby.

It was kinda cool. He was just crashed out, and would make faces and stretch a little, but was quiet and slept almost the whole time I held him. Sweet. We chatted with T&N a good long while, and left them with a little stuffed lion and some cool little blankets for Henry. B got to hold him a little while as well.

Traffic was brutal on the way east toward home, and it wasn't until we got a call from Travis after we'd got past the slowdown on 26 that we found out why. We were sitting at the Horse Brass, tipping back a couple pints and talking about the day (and texting R&K), when my phone rang. Odd, I thought, hm...it's Travis...wonder what we left at their place...?

We hadn't left anything, but Travis had seen on the news about the drive-by shooting on the highway and wanted to make sure we were fine. We'd seen a car, and police, and news vans and such in the westbound lane. Seemed a little excessive for an accident, given we didn't see a bunch of smashed up cars, no fire, nothing spectacular. But everyone in the eastbound lanes was gawking and slowing down. Didn't think much of it until Travis called.

Anyway, I watched the Steelers pre-season game against the Packers today. The first team defense looked pretty good, but the offense struggled. I seemed to have missed the second series somehow, probably some goof-up with the telecast, but from the FSN Steelers Roundtable this evening, it sounds like I really didn't miss much. Hopefully they'll get the offensive line positions settled soon. Some good individual performances (#41 Russell among them), but the team looked a little flat. Somehow, though, I think they need to find a spot for Walter Young. We need a big target at WR, and Young is that at 6'4", 220. He's made some great catches this preseason. But a blocked extra point, some other bad special teams play, and some poor blocking up front led to the loss. Oh well, it's preseason.

Later, I watched Arsenal's season opener against Fulham. Right away, I figured I was in for a disappointing match, as the Gunners' keeper Lehmann gift-wrapped a goal in the 51st second. Arsenal kept attacking, but failed to convert a ton of chances until late in the match. They persevered, though, and drew level with a penalty kick from Van Persie in the 83rd minute. It was almost painful to watch them create and create, only to come away with nothing to show for it. Hleb drove the deciding score into the net with only 15 seconds of regular time remaining. It was a great ball in from Fabregas, and a nice shot by Hleb to get the 2-1 win. Good start for the Gunners, but they need to stop trying to set up the perfect goal and just take some shots. Still, all that passing and movement is fun to watch.


BJDorr said...

I like the baby's name Henry.

I'd probably be a little nervous too holding a week old baby. I've never held a baby before in my life.

Jeff Alworth said...

Your Steelers have about as many question marks as my Pack. Oy. And two likeable QBs who are looking at important years--for very different reasons. May they both persevere.