02 August 2007

Fireballs 6, Symantec 10

It was another scorcher this evening, this time at Field #4. Tonight was a double-header, but the first game was a 'practice game' against the Underdogs, who we'd beaten back on the 24th. In that one, I don't remember the final score, but I went 3-for-4 at the plate, scoring 3 times. I batted lefty for the practice game, since I didn't really care that much how I did. Wish I'd saved it for the 'real' game. *sigh*

Defensively, I made some fine catches, but one guy got one past me down the line. I charged it hard, and I almost got to it, but not catching it really sucked because I was running so hard - I couldn't get back to the ball in time to hold the guy to a double or triple. I dropped one fly ball but managed to gun down the lead runner at third with a perfect (if I do say so myself) throw.

In the second ('real') game, I went 1-for-3 at the plate with a run scored. I lined out to the pitcher and grounded out before ripping a single over the shortstop's head. Couldn't make up my mind about batting lefty, so I tried a little of both during the second game. I hit my single left-handed.

Defensively, it was a mixed bag. I made a couple more good catches for outs, but also botched a tough over-the-shoulder catch (dammit, I should have had that), and got beat deep twice. Both times, I made bad reads on the ball, misjudging the distance because the balls just weren't carrying in the first game. I had 3 balls just die on me in that first one, but I managed to catch them all, so I was expecting the same in the second game. Didn't happen.

I did make a perfect read on one bloop fly ball that I charged hard at and caught in stride, however, but I'm still pissed about the ones I didn't catch. My philosophy is that if I can reach it, I should catch it - anything hit in the air to my part of the outfield is MINE. But I sure wasn't owning my space tonight.

And it still chaps my hide. I'll get over it, though. I always do. We're done for the regular season, and I don't know if we'll be playing in any sort of playoff game. Guess we'll learn that soon enough.