15 August 2007

Fireballs 5, Loaners 15

Well, our brief post-season came to an end after just one game Tuesday night. We got things going early, but couldn't build on it, and with much of the team slowed by injuries, we just couldn't keep up with the offensive onslaught from the Loaners.

We were the home team, and we set our opponent down in order in the top of the first. Nice start. I got only one fly ball hit to me that inning, but I made the catch for the second out. The sun was going to be a factor, due to the alignment of field #2, but it wasn't a problem on that first catch.

I got to lead off, and ripped a single up the middle. I rounded first, thinking I could make second, but thought better of it and came back to the bag. As I did so, I saw their shortstop take the throw from the outfield...right on the cheek. A hard throw plus a bad hop meant a nice smack on the cheek for that guy. I felt bad for him, but these things can happen. With two ski patrollers on the field, we were sure to get him taken care of. Aside from being a little shook up, he was okay, but we got him some ice and he sat out the rest of the game.

I took second on a grounder from the batter behind me, then was driven home shortly afterward. We got a couple more runs that inning, but couldn't get much going after that. We managed to get 2 more in the 5th, but we couldn't pull within 9 runs to keep the game going.

The later innings were brutal in left field. I couldn't see much, as the sun was pretty much directly in my eyes. I managed to catch all the fly balls hit out to me, but couldn't track some of the lower hit balls that barely cleared the infielders' heads until they bounced. One ball was high and short, but I couldn't get to it. I charged it hard, and lost it in the sun, but I couldn't have reached it on the fly anyway. It hit the ground about 15 feet in front of me and bounced only once, straight up. Weird - never had one do that before.

I finished up 3-for-3 with a double and a run scored, but it wasn't enough. I had to slide into second twice, which left me with some nice little scrapes on my right shin, and a very dirty knee brace, but it was fun anyway. I like playing hard, even if all I get is a little personal satisfaction. I'd prefer the win, though.

Strangely, we were handed a 3rd place trophy after the game. With 4 teams in the playoffs, I can't imagine how they came to the conclusion that we were 3rd if we didn't play the loser of the other bracket. Maybe both losing teams got 3rd place trophies. *shrug*