06 August 2007

Ding-Dong-Ditch And A Disappointing Workout

Last night at around 11:45pm, some jackass thought it would be funny to play a little ding-dong-ditch (ring the doorbell and take off, for the unfamiliar) on my street. They got my next-door neighbor a little earlier on. This of course got us a tad unsettled, as we've heard there's been unsavory types around as well as increased gang activity in the area. Getting back to sleep wasn't exactly speedy, nor was the sleep all that sound.

So, today got off to a slow and sleepy start, putting me at work later than I wanted, and forcing me into an afternoon workout (which I dislike somewhat). Today was an upper body day, but I just couldn't finish all the reps of the last set of nearly all the exercises I was doing. That kinda bothered me, and to top it off, I just wasn't feeling comfortable on the elliptical, so I cut my time short there. My right ankle was kind of bothering me, but it wasn't the problem - I just didn't feel comfortable. Hopefully more sleep will help.


Ryan said...

That just sucks. Darned kids. Why back in my day... :)

Ghost Dog said...

Crap. Am I a grumpy old man now?

BJDorr said...

That kind of goes with the kids in my neighborhood around Fourth of July, stuffing smokebombs in other neighbors mailboxes.

I confronted the kid, took him to the neighbors whose mailbox he violated.

The kid's excuse: he did not know because he was from Hawaii.