29 August 2007

Blog-round-to-it: Modest Mouse Monday

Finally getting around to posting this.

B and I went to see Modest Mouse at Edgefield on Monday night. We hadn't been to Edgefield in a while, and never for one of their outdoor concerts. We got there a little later than I'd hoped, but ended up with a decent parking spot in the giant parking field east of the concert area.

We were handed some Oregon Lottery scratch tickets as we walked up, and apparently the deal was you scratch it off, then find somebody one the "swag crew" to give it to and get a prize. We ended up with some weird t-shirt and an older Modest Mouse CD. Kinda cool - we weren't there for 10 minutes and we had free stuff!

We ran into a co-worker of mine and chatted with him for a few minutes, then grabbed some beer (Nebraska Bitter for me, Ruby for B) and yakisoba, then went and sat on the grass towards the back of the 'seating' area. We ate, drank, people-watched, and listened to the opening act - Matt Costa. He was pretty good, but we weren't really paying close attention.

Unfortunately, we both had to hit the porta-potty at the same time, so we lost our 'seats'. Also unfortunately, we timed our break poorly - MM were just starting as we reached the toilets. We wandered back down, got some ice cream, a couple more beers, and stood around and listened to Modest Mouse. They were great. The sound out there at Edgefield was fantastic, and even though we're lamers and left early (Phoebe was already a bit miffed at us for coming home from work and turning right around and leaving her again), we had a good time. There were spots on the walk back to the Sorento where the sound seemed even better than when we were inside the venue. Some of the parking lot attendants were rocking out, hehe.


BJDorr said...

Damn. Nature call at the start of the show. That sucks.

Ryan said...

Edgefield really is a great outdoor venue for shows (having finally seen one there recently). I always scratched my head at hearing of big-ish shows there... "eh? Edgefield? where the heck would the show be held?" Having been there now, seeing the large field to the east of the rest of the place, it's an excellent spot. Better than every other outdoor venue I've been to. Hooray McMenamins! :)

lands said...

Was that ice cream and beer chasers or beer with ice cream chasers?

Cookies and beer I understand, kinda like sugar on snow, sweet and sour, ...