02 July 2007

Weekend Recap

So, after performing pretty well in the Fireballs' loss Friday night, it was off to dinner with the missus and really little else after that. Tried to watch Ghost Rider, but couldn't finish it before nodding off.

Saturday was an exercise in slackitude, and I think it was successful. Nothing prior to meeting great friends at the Rose & Thistle was of much note, as I recall, but it was nice hanging out with B during the day, and later also with Ryan & Kelly, Snooks & L, Jenn & Troy, Rick & Brandi, Miranda, and Travis at the R&T for drinks and darts the better part of the evening.

Snooks had us playing 'around the world' at the dartboard, and after falling behind early both of the first two games, I managed to win them both. The third game, I met my match in Travis, who I managed to catch late, but hit a double bullseye to win it. It was great fun and I got wonderful and clever birthday cards from everyone, and some unexpected gifts as well. I was just glad to have some drinks and conversation with everyone, so anything more was just above and beyond - thanks, y'all!

Sunday was a lazy start for me, but once I got going, I'd managed to mow the front and side lawn, as well as trim some hedges and get a load of dishes done. The afternoon was supposed to be spent in search of blinds to replace the crappy ones in our kitchen. We ended up getting a really nifty-looking gazebo-style bench swing for the back yard instead. With a decent bit of B's help, I got the sucker put together and in use before sunset. Check it:


Broken Camera Guy said...

What has Phoebe thought about that gazebo chair?

Ghost Dog said...

So far, nothing about trying to eat the cushions, thankfully...

We sat on it together the night I put it up. She didn't know what to do about the movement at first, but she settled.