05 July 2007

Ski Day 31: Celebrating Independence

The whiteboard at the top of Palmer, indicating lane assignments for the race camps. I knew there'd be Vermonters there, since Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) had a lane...

I figured since most of the festivities would be well after getting home from Timberline, the 4th would be a good day to patrol. And it'd double-credit to boot. Not that I need the days, but it had been a while since I fed the ski addiction.

The only brutal part of summer patrolling is the 6:15 morning meeting. Basically, I have to get up at 4 or so to get all my crap together and get up to the hill. So, it's pretty much like a work day in that regard.

But the weather was fantastic. The view was incredible, as it often is patrolling in the summer, and the snow wasn't nearly as firm as I expected first thing out. After checking equipment at the top of the Mile, I got to ski the west boundary to check things out. They'd groomed a nice swath out there, and while it was fairly firm, it wasn't icy. Definitely turnable, and the breeze and visibility made it a nice run.

Just a look back uphill.

Most of the day was spent making laps up top, and I only got in on a handful of cases. I had a kid walk up with a nicely sliced thumb from sharpening his edges (been there, done that) the night before and needed a fresh band-aid. I gave him a couple for the road. Later, I got to drive the sled for a crashed racer who'd tweaked his ankle.

At least, that's what he kept indicating. By the time we got him down to the aid room and pulled his sock, it was starting to look like maybe a fracture. The way he described the crash, I wouldn't be surprised, but I've seen my own shins after a day of running gates and I've had little bruises and a slight bump on the bone as well. Hopefully it's nothing that keeps him off the snow.

Doesn't look like there's much to ski on, does it? There's plenty up on the glacier.

I got to help out on another racer with a lower leg injury, but didn't get to drive the sled for that one. Seemed like a fairly quiet day, which was probably due in large part to not having the snowboard camps going. It was just racers, for the most part. I talked to a few on the chair throughout the day who were from back east, but nobody from Vermont except for a coach from Ascutney.

Race campers dotting the snowfield. The center lane is for moguls and aerial stuff, but nobody was ripping it up in there.

A little lower down, there were some guys getting it done in the air. This was the clearest photo I could get, thanks to my unsteady hands and being zoomed in as far as the camera could go.

After sweep, it was off to the Ice Axe Grill to fill a growler for the evening's fun at Rick & Brandi's house. I got the Hogsback Oatmeal Stout, which is super tasty and was their cask selection. I also bought one of their cool-looking posters for the stout. After the fill-up, it was on home to get everything drying and get cleaned up. Even after re-applying sunscreen, I was definitely looking like I'd spent the day in the sun - although not nearly lobster-style like Jenn and Troy. They were definitely cooked from spending the afternoon in a pool...

After some great steaks and veggie kabobs (kebabs?), we waited for it to get dark and started blowing stuff up. Nobody was hurt, and we had a good time. I was beat, and B was getting tired, too, so we knocked off early and headed home. On the way, we could see fireworks going off all over the place. It was surprisingly quiet when we got back to the house, but Pheebs was sure glad to see us.


Broken Camera Guy said...

If you think Phoebe was excited to see you after your day-long ski trip, I can't imagine Noah's reaction when B-News and NoPoGirl return from their National Lampoon's "European Vacation" adventures. Then again, I guess it would be like Owen when I had to be away for two weeks during my National Guard annual training (AT), except the one year when we had no money and held it right here in Clackamas. Cool new profile photo too.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. Yeah, should be interesting to see how Noah reacts.

Didn't know you were in the NG. That's awesome. Which branch?

Broken Camera Guy said...

Yep, the Army. Active from 1997 to 2000, then the Army National Guard in 2004 then ETS-ing after my 8-year obligation. Commo (then 31 series, now re-classed as the 25 series) was quite cool. Serving in the Army was a great experience for the most part. Great times, but time to move on.

Barkernews said...

Nice you guys!!!!!

Yeah, Noah's pretty stoked. Of course he was with a guy who loves him to death and took him swimming every day.

Ghost Dog... looks great up there!
I'm patrolling the weekend of the 21st...

Ghost Dog said...

I'll see you up there, then.