10 July 2007

The Rest Of The Weekend...

So more slackitude ensued on Thursday, since both B and I took the rest of the week off from work last week. I don't even recall what we did. Some shopping, I think, and a little work around the house/yard.

Friday, we got another late start, and finally decided that a road-trip loop around Mt. Hood might be a fun thing to do, in the Jeep with the top down. Since it would be B's birthday on Sunday, I wanted to just do whatever she wanted from the point I got home from patrolling on the 4th. We drove out to Hood River, just taking in the sun and the wind and the view, and stopped at Char Burger for a late lunch.

Holy effin' crap, the burgers are huge there. I managed to force mine down, but B couldn't finish hers. The onion rings are fantastic, however. We rolled ourselves out of there and headed off. We thought about stopping in to tour the Full Sail brewery, but kept going. Some other time, perhaps.

We turned down 35 and headed south, just marveling at the incredible view of Mt. Hood. We talked about moving out there somewhere, so we could have a place with such a view. I repeatedly lamented my failure to bring the camera along. Dumbass.

We stopped into a fruit stand/farm, 'cause B wanted to, and just kind of took in the whole local-family-farm-freshness of it all. B picked up some cherries and some honey, and we were back on the road again. I had peeked at a map on the wall at the fruit place and saw that Parkdale was nearby. What was the name of the brew pub out there again?, I wondered.

Eliot Glacier! I remembered. Good for me. I asked B if we could go try to find it, and she agreed. The drive out there off of 35 was pretty, and more grumbling about not bringing the camera ensued. We found the place fairly easily, and went in. It was probably around 2:30 or so, and the place was pretty much empty. It's a very rustic-looking place, the sort of thing I expected. Lots of stuff on the walls, old books in a bookshelf, old wooden tables and chairs.

We sampled some of their darker stuff, and of course went with a growler of the stout. We bought a couple of logo'd pint glasses as well, since we seem to be collecting them. Fearless and Mt. Hood Brewing are the other local glasses we have. Anyway, we headed on towards home, turning off 35 onto 26 and cruising on back to the ranch.

We finally decided where we should go for dinner, and called up some folks to join us at the Main Street Ale House. Rick & Brandi came out, as did B's sis Jenn, so we had a nice meal and B received birthday cards and a bottle of wine. I'd ordered her 2 dozen roses, which arrived just as we were getting ready to head out on our road trip.

Anyway, after dinner, we managed to talk Jenn into having us over to her place to play some games on their Nintendo Wii. We'd been talking to Rick & Brandi about it, and they were fascinated, so it was decided they needed some first-hand experience. 2 more Wii addicts were born that night. All we played was Wii Sports, and that's all it took - they were hooked. So it was no surprise that since the girls were getting together Saturday night, it took no arm-twisting at all to get Rick to come by the house and have a Wii-fest.

Saturday, we cleaned house. We'd been slacking off in that area for a while, so it was nice to get the place tidy again. After only a little while, B showed me her crappy little MP3 player and told me it sucked.

Which was when it hit me - I'd totally forgotten I wanted to get her an iPod for her birthday! I like mine so much, and we're both really enjoying iTunes, so it seemed fair she should have one, too. So off we went, and we got her a sleek silver iPod Nano, with an arm-band case thingy so she can wear it doing yardwork/cleaning/working out/etc. So far, she loves it. Which makes me very happy.

That evening, Rick came by, and I had him give Call of Duty 3 a shot on the Wii. Took him a little while to get used to the controls, but he was definitely having fun with it. I cracked open the growler from Eliot Glacier, and it was quite good - a smooth, malty stout, with a nice roasty finish. There was something else in there I couldn't place, but it was certainly tasty.
We switched to Wii Sports, and I can't even remember how many of each sport we played. I do remember we played a lot of Tennis, a couple games of Baseball, some Boxing, and probably 3 or 4 games of Bowling. We were pretty beat after several hours of playing, and finally Rick got the call to go pick up Brandi over at Jenn's house. They let us know on Sunday that they've now got their own Wii.

Sunday was a nice lazy day again...until Phoebe started throwing up in the evening. It wasn't a lot of vomit, but coupled with the fact that she was peeing frequently and not eating, she had us worried enough to take her to the 24-hour vet over on Stark. She was so good there, and everybody on the staff seemed to like her a lot. After some exams, it was still a bit of a mystery what was wrong, but they pumped her full of fluids and some anti-nausea meds, and off we went. She looked like a camel, because of how they do the fluid injection under the skin, but she seemed to be in much better spirits on the way home. I think some of the fluids are still under her skin, because last night her whole back seemed to jiggle when she walked.

We got her home somewhere around midnight. So much for getting a decent night's sleep before going back to work on Monday.


Barkernews said...

Hope the puppy's OK.
My dog is still so exhausted from his stay with the dog-sitter that he can barely move...

Ghost Dog said...

She's doing better, thanks.

Broken Camera Guy said...

Yep, man, I had the same issue with my dogs this week on the road. They are fine now.