11 July 2007

OBF 2007 Coming Soon

End of July, like always. And I'm semi-beer-fasting until then (maybe a couple beers between now and the festival). Last year was insane, sampling something like 24 beers. I was so tanked that I couldn't attend (most of) a BBQ at Rick & Brandi's place later that evening. Brutal. And stupid. Weak reviews of everything, really half-assed commentary for the most part.

That was 20 pounds ago, too. I'm healthier, older, and hopefully wiser.

This year's plan is only 6 or so beers, tops. And just samples. Here are some from the list I want to check out:

Bison Brewing - Organic Chocolate Stout

Brewery Ommegang - Three Philosophers Ale <-- from my mom's hometown of Cooperstown, NY

Fifty Fifty Brewing - Donner Party Porter

Golden Valley Brewery - Red Thistle Quercus ("Pinot oak barrel aged red/ESB")

Collaborator - Rawkin Bock

Dick's Brewing - Lava Rock Porter


LandS said...

Ommegang, we toured the brewery a few years ago. Quite interesting. I have bought some of their brews when we go through Oneonta.

Maybe we will stop at the brewery again when we visit Glimmerglass state park in Aug on our way to Vermont.

Older but not necessarily wiser

LandS said...

I've had Rare Vos, Ommegang, and Hennepin.