30 July 2007

Home Improvement And Shooting The Moon

So after the brew fest (and Wii Fest at Rick & Brandi's), Sunday was to be project day. We got up rather late, and it was B's promise of getting a proper miter saw that got me moving. I'd cut a couple of the pieces of moulding by hand-saw/miter box, and it was a pain in the ass. So off we went to Lowe's and found a nice 10" miter saw with a laser for alignment for a decent price.

Thanks to our crooked-ass house, not all the joints turned out perfectly, but they do look decent. Here's a shot of the one that came out best:

SE corner of the TV room.

It took us the bulk of the afternoon and into the evening to get everything measured, cut, and painted, but we managed to get it all done. I re-organized the wiring for all our electronic entertainment gear behind the TV stand, so it all looks nice and is labeled and not a spaghetti factory. Also, since I had the chance, I snagged a pair of couplers so I could run the Wii audio out through the surround sound instead of the TV speaker. It sounds so much better. More bass!

After all that, I let Pheebs out to do her business and noticed the moon looking all kinds of fantastic. So I had to take a couple shots.

Moon + clouds = awesome and kinda creepy.

Not too shabby for a little point-and-shoot digi. This is zoomed as far as I could get it.


BJDorr said...

Cool photo of the moon. I love that "Portland Outdoor" sign photo too in your other post.

Ghost Dog said...


Ryan said...

that last photo is impressive indeed for a little digital. Sweet!

(May have to try this out with mine tonight, see what I can get, hrm).

Ghost Dog said...

Yes! Moon photo war!

Barkernews said...

Your camera continues to amaze me. What do you shoot with again?

BJDorr said...

Here is my waxing moon photo from last week: http://www.bjdorr.com/galleries/weather/000002.html

Ghost Dog said...

B-news: thanks - it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. 5MP, 10x optical zoom.

BJDorr: That's cool!

BJDorr said...

5 MP, 10x optical zoom is pretty good. Digital zoom is pointless on any camera and camcorders.