19 July 2007

Fireballs 7, Triple Play 0

Well, that's how the ump said they score a forfeit. So, we got our first "win". Lame.

But we got some practice in, so I did at least manage to get a little exercise out of the trip to the ballfield. I ran around a lot chasing balls hit to the outfield, and then played a little infield. I think I could handle first base just fine, but the other infield positions aren't exactly southpaw-friendly.

I took some BP as well, swinging lefty. I was making contact, but kept hitting the ball with the middle of the bat instead of the barrel. I think I could just inch away from the plate and flatten the swing out a little. That oughta get me hitting into right field with some consistency, which could raise my on-base percentage some.

Next game is next Tuesday. We'll see if I try batting lefty in the game or not. Depends how slow the right-fielder is...


Broken Camera Guy said...

Why did your opponents forfeit?

Ghost Dog said...

Not sure. Game date/time/location had changed, but that was communicated well over a week ago. Weather could have been a factor, but you can go to the THPRD web page and see if there's a cancellation. Maybe they just didn't have enough people available to play.