27 July 2007

Fireballs 5, The Loaners 8

So much for getting a streak going.

Another late-night game, this time at field 2, saw us in a deep hole early. Without either of our regular pitchers, one of our better athletes was pressed into service. He struggled quite a bit early on just to get the ball over the plate, but when he did, the other team was raking the ball pretty well. Quite a few sharply hit balls to right field, as well as a dinger over the center field fence, put us 6 runs behind rather quickly.

We battled back, however, chipping away at their lead and only allowing 2 more runs the rest of the game. We had some decent hitting, but couldn't string together a good rally for the comeback. We did have a couple guys hit inside-the-park home runs, on some well-hit balls that found gaps in the defense.

For my part, I was 1-for-2, but no runs scored and a baserunning blunder that ended any threat we might have had going in the 3rd inning. I singled sharply to left, but the next batter lined out to the pitcher. I thought he wasn't going to catch it, so I was leaning away from first. He did catch it, of course, and fired to first to double me off.

Personally, I think I got back in time, but the ump called me out. Later in the game, I thought the ump made a couple more calls against us that weren't correct, but they weren't the reason we lost the game. Although one of them - an interference call on our pitcher running to second base - was agreed on by players on both sides that it was a bad call. The shortstop, who was covering the base, dropped the ball and stumbled as our guy was coming into second. I don't know how you can call interference when a defensive player boots the ball, but whatever.

My second at-bat, I just got under one and popped it up for an infield fly. I should have waited for a better pitch, but we were behind and I thought I could put the ball through the hole at short. Just got impatient there.

Defensively, I had a pretty good game. Sharp throws on all the ground balls hit my way, holding the hitters to singles, and I caught all the fly balls that came to me. I only had to run hard for a couple of them, but I got a couple that were inning-ending putouts, which always feels good.

We have a doubleheader next week, due to the scheduling thrash that happened when one of the teams (the one that forfeited to us last week) ended up dropping from the league.


BJDorr said...

It could be worse. How about being the team in Washington state that had to forfeit a win because of a uniform patch was silk-screened, not sewn on?

Ghost Dog said...

Are you kidding? What a silly thing to have a win taken away for.