10 July 2007

Fireballs 10, Genesis 12

It took the hottest day of the year thus far for the Fireballs' bats to warm up, but it still wasn't enough to get the first win of the season. Dropping from Level A to B didn't keep us from dropping our sixth game in a row. We had the lead going into the bottom of the seventh, but just couldn't hold on.

Gametime temp at Field #5 of the Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Complex was probably still around the century mark, and I had the honor of batting first. I ripped the first pitch I saw into left field for a leadoff double. Felt good to get aboard and start things off getting into scoring position. Nice, work, kid, I thought to myself. That'll get things going. I scored shortly thereafter, and we managed to get another run to get out in front, 2-0. I think that was the first lead we've had, and pretty sure that was the first time we got any runs in the first inning all season.

The lead was short-lived. Fortunately, we never fell too far behind, and managed another big inning towards the middle of the game. We might have had a longer rally in the 3rd or 4th if I'd taken off sooner or hadn't been waved home on one play. I was on 2nd, and one of the guys batting behind me hit one nicely to right-center. I took off for 3rd, got waved home, but the throw beat me to the plate by probably 3 feet. I tried to jump out of the way of the tag, but couldn't avoid it. I landed right on my right hip and rolled over, popping up immediately. It wasn't until I tried to take a step that I noticed...that kinda hurt.

Luckily, I didn't have to run around the outfield too much after that. Both of the fly balls hit towards me were near enough that I didn't have to take but a few steps to get to them and make the catches. One of them was an inning-ending putout, stopping a 3- or 4-run rally by the other team. Those always feel good.

My stat line for the evening was 3-for-3, with a double, a walk, and 3 runs scored. The free pass was issued on 4 straight pitches, which apparently gets you 2 bases in this league. One of the singles just barely got past the shortstop on a tough hop, but the double and the other single were both pretty decent hits. Take away one or two defensive miscues, and we would have got the win. But we definitely are improving. We were making more of the plays we needed to this time around. Hopefully, Friday night's game will be a little cooler temperature-wise, and even hotter offensively.