13 June 2007

I'm Sorry, Environment

Bad me. I've been just awful to you lately, and I apologize. Sorry also to the roads for adding one more single-occupant vehicle for the better part of the last couple weeks.

I've been lazy and getting up late-ish, which means having to drive to get to work on time. I'll do better next week. But I'll have to wait until Friday to start riding MAX again, since I have to be somewhere after work tomorrow.

All this laziness also means I've been skipping workouts. Most of the 'get-up-late' days, I grab my gym bag so I can hit the fitness center after work, but sometimes I end up working so late that I skip the gym. That way, I'm not getting home at 8pm or some such. The missus wouldn't be pleased.

Haven't gained any weight, though. Still eating right, mostly. So that's good.

Softball tonight. Hopefully I'll do better at the plate. Hopefully we'll have at least 10 players.

I'll hit the gym tomorrow and Friday. Gotta get back on track. New plan is to get body fat down another few percent by the fall. Was measured at 19.1% a couple months ago. Don't know what's realistic, but it'd be cool to say I'm leaner than the average package of ground beef.

Okay, maybe it'd just be silly to actually say that.


Broken Camera Guy said...

Sounds like my kind of week. Work is burning me out that I have no time to recharge. Been missing out on some bike rides too. Bad me, too.

lands said...

Hey, at 19.1% fat, you are a little better than 80% lean beef, or chopped steak, or is it chopped meat, or ...