19 June 2007

Got Away With It...

I started my workouts back up this week, after about 2 weeks of skipping them. The sore is a good sore, and the kind I've been missing. I like it. Yesterday was arms, today core. Definitely feeling it, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Hopped on the scale, expecting to have to move the slider a little farther to the right than the last time, and clunk. Okay, a little more to the left...171.5...sweet. Not any heavier from missing the time in the gym, which is nice.

Been eating salads for lunch, and watching what I'm putting down at dinner as well, so it's probably no huge surprise. And, I've switched my salad from a Caesar to a regular salad - more different veggies now, and no temptation for cheese, croutons, etc. Just a splash of a low-fat honey-mustard dressing, thanks. Turns out it's cheaper, too. Win-win.

The workout's being tweaked a little, also, playing around with some different exercies, weight/reps/sets mix, and so on. Happy to be back at it.


Broken Camera Guy said...

Man, I gotta get back into my bike rides and routine. I've been derailed by my "Charlie-Foxtrot" work severely. Keep it up, man!

Ghost Dog said...

Roger that Charlie-Foxtrot. Got some of that going on here at CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet. Probably a contributing factor to my workout-slackery.

brando said...

I've actually been doing pretty good lately. My wife's doing a pump-and-run deal this summer. So I go work out with her. It's one of those 5Ks with a bench press component where they take off seconds for how many reps you do.

Sort of like a biathalon, but without any skiing...or shooting.

So basicly not a biathalon at all.

Ghost Dog said...

That's pretty neat, Brando.