14 June 2007

Fireballs 8, Team Enterprise 22

Got our asses kicked again last night. I was back patrolling left field again, the way I like it. Bought a bat over the weekend, so I was excited to step up to the plate and swing away.

It was another breezy night, but not so much that I figured it to be a huge issue. Seemed to be blowing towards left field again, and also slightly toward the outfield. Some balls might carry in this, I thought. Better play the big guys pretty deep.

Turned out to be the right idea, but the first two male batters made my adjustment unnecessary by putting the ball over the fence. The first one, I drew a bead on it, backpedaled until I felt like I was close to the warning track, and realized it was still awful high up. Fence is tall, better turn and be ready to play the carom...

Nope. Gone. The sign says 300 feet. The fence had to be 20 feet tall, and the ball cleared it by at least 10 or 15 feet. Shit. Well, next fly ball out here is mine, I thought.

Wrong again. After their first female batter singled, their second male batter got a hold of a pitch and sent it over the fence in left-center. I chased that one down, too, but recognized much earlier that it was going out. Gonna be a long night, I thought.

I did make a good catch out there, but I got beat deep once (dammit, I hate when that happens), and overran a one-hopper that I thought I could get to. Made some good throws on some ground balls, so defensively it wasn't too bad a night for me. I should have had that deep one, though, and I mis-played the carom off the fence.

At the dish, it was 0-for-2, and neither of them were productive outs, but I felt a lot better about my at-bats. The first one, I took a pitch, fouled one off, then PING!!!

I took off for first, giving a quick glance to see where the ball was going. Thump! Right into the pitcher's glove. It was a hard comebacker, and the only reason he caught it self-defense - it would have hit him square in the nuts otherwise.

Second at-bat turned out to be the final one of the game. The first pitch seemed a little low, but I felt like I could line it over the shortstop's head, so I swung at it. Ping! I like the sound of this bat, I thought. Another glance to see where the ball went...

Not high enough. Or maybe too high and not deep enough. Or the SS was quicker than I expected. I didn't see it that well, because with two outs, I took off as soon as my swing was complete, running as hard as I could for first. Whatever, he caught it. Game over.

Our infield needs some work. They need to remember there are more plays to be made if the play at first isn't there and there are runners on. I think our opponent last night scored at least 5 runs on plays where the infield didn't get the out at first. We did cut off a couple lead runners, but it seemed like they were giving up on the play instead of throwing to third or home when runners were taking off.

I need some more practice, too. I need to see more fly balls to work on judging them better, and I want to take some more swings with the new bat. Dunno if the rest of the team would be up for practices now that we've started the season, but I don't see why we couldn't.