30 June 2007

Fireballs 4, Tough Mothers 11

Friday evening's game was over at a different complex, but the result wasn't any different from the previous 4 games - another loss. The worst part was that we'd shown a little offensive spark and pulled to within a couple runs in the 3rd inning, but let the game get away from us again after that. News helicopters whirred overhead as the game started, but somehow I doubted they were covering the game. Turns out they were covering THIS.

We started out, as the 'away' team, batting first, but were fairly quickly set down. As I took left field, I looked at the somewhat lumpy turf, and thought there's an ankle injury waiting to happen...

Fortunately, it didn't. I made 3 good catches for outs in left, and not even a hint of an ankle roll. One of the fly balls floated on me, and I almost missed it. I came charging in on it because it looked like it was dropping short, then had to backpedal quickly and make the catch. It ended the inning, so I was extra glad I didn't botch the play.

I wish I'd been a little faster getting a break on the 2 balls that dropped in front of me for one-hop singles. I probably could have caught them. But I prefer that to getting beat deep. The second of the one-hoppers I speared, spun, and fired to second - just missing getting the out. It was a nifty play, if I say so myself, but a better read on the ball or a quicker throw would have sent the batter to the bench.

At the dish, it was my best night of the season, 3-for-4 with a RBI double and a run scored. The out was a liner that went right to the third baseman. 2 feet higher and it would have dropped in for a single, easy. The last single almost didn't make it past shortstop. He almost made a nifty diving catch, but it only just nicked his glove and continued into shallow left. Unfortunately, it was our last at-bat and we already had 2 outs. Our next batter struck out to end the game.

No game next week, and our second half schedule hasn't been posted yet, so who knows who we face next. I'm getting into a groove now, I think, and hopefully I can keep contributing on offense. .400 sounds like a decent average, but it should be much higher in slow-pitch. I need to work on placing the ball now. Given that the better defenders are on the left side, I need to start raking the ball to right or straight up the middle.


Broken Camera Guy said...

Those industrial incidents can be nerve-racking. Milwaukie ammonia leak just a few blocks from my house got me a bit worried, for the sake of my two dogs at home in the backyard while I was at work in Beaverton.

Ghost Dog said...

Glad I didn't know what it was at the time. I'd have been worried about it instead of the game.