20 June 2007

Fireballs 3, Klingers 11

Ugh. Another loss. I'm having fun, and glad to be playing at all, but 0-3 is not what I was hoping for. Last week it was dinger-palooza, and this week we just got nickeled and dimed and couldn't get many runs back. I wanna win at least one of our games in this first half of the season. 2 to go.

It was another breezy evening on Field #5 at the Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Complex. This was the field we played our first game on, and the wind was blowing pretty much the same direction at the beginning of the game - across the outfield towards left field. A little later on, it started blowing in from the outfield, which made it a little challenging to read a couple of the fly balls that came my way, but I caught 'em anyway.

I was back out there in LF, which is looking to be my permanent assignment - and that is perfectly fine by me. I get a lot of defensive work out there, and I thrive on it. Especially the fly balls. I just love tracking down a well-hit fly and making the catch for the out. I got 4 or 5 tonight, I think, and a few ground balls that got through the hole between SS and 3B. It's even better making a great catch when you hear the other team cheer the guy who hit it. Go ahead and tell him it was a good rip, but I'm catching this sucker and he'll have to sit down.

At the plate, it was a good evening for me as well. 2 at-bats, 2 base hits. The first at-bat started out poorly, though. I was thinking I wanted to take the first pitch, but it looked good at first. I went to swing at it when I noticed it tailing away. Hold up, my mind said, but my arms didn't listen and I waved at it kinda weakly. Shit. 0 and 1. Be patient. But the second pitch looked even better than the first, so I took a hack at it. Ground ball to short. Topped it, I thought. Damn it. Run your ass off, maybe you can beat the throw!

They got the lead runner at second, but I reached first safely by a good 3 steps. A couple batters later, I scored. Gotta be pleased with that.

The second at-bat, I got another good pitch on the first one and ripped it hard through the hole at short. Nice loud ping from the bat on that one. Unfortunately, the outfield was playing me in a bit, so all I got was a single out of it. Still, I'll take 2-for-2. I got stranded there, though, so it mattered little that I'd made good contact.

In the end, we just couldn't get the plays in the infield. A handful of defensive miscues at second and short cost us a handful of runs, and we couldn't get much going offensively to make up for it. I think we're getting close, though. A good bunch of well-hit balls went right to the opposition's defenders. A few feet left or right here or there and it would have been a different ball game. Still, some spectacular defensive plays got us out of some tough spots, keeping the game from becoming a laugher. One of the girls on the team made 2 very tough catches for outs to help keep us in it early on.

Hopefully, we can improve on defense and start getting the key hits we need. I know I'm going to try and stay on my little hitting streak. Gotta get that average up - .250 isn't going to cut it.


Broken Camera Guy said...

I know the feeling of being on a bad losing streak from my ice hockey days at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 1997-1999. Bad losing streaks happen to any team on any level in any sport. I know, the feeling sucks. But it is all fun to just play the game and hope to improve.