06 June 2007

Fireballs 3, Epiq 12

First softball game of the season was tonight. I'm on a co-ed team called the Fireballs with some folks from CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet, thanks to being talked into it by my patrol buddy and co-worker Jeff. Didn't take much arm-twisting - I'd played a few games on a men's team last season and did fair in the outfield, batting probably around .700 or so, so I was itching to get back on a field.

Game time rolled around, and we were only a team of 8. With the rules of the league, we could at least play, but we'd have to eat one out every time the 9th position came up to bat. That only added to the challenge of playing with only 3 outfielders and no second baseman. We did pretty well, but not having someone at 2B probably cost us 3 or 4 runs.

Today was a windy one, gusts coming across the outfield, really playing havoc with fly balls. I caught every one that came my way, though, for I think 5 put-outs. I was covering a lot of ground out there, and made some decent catches. A couple balls almost had me fooled, but I was quick enough to recover and make the play. One of their lefty batters hit one that started out in straightaway center but floated towards me in left-center for the out. Good day on defense. I think after the 3rd inning, their hitters got the message - hit it in the air in the vicinity of left field and it'll be an out. I never saw another fly ball come my way after the 3rd.

Sadly, at the plate, things weren't so swell. 0-for-4, and I'm ashamed to say I struck out swinging on my last at-bat.

In slow-pitch co-ed softball.


It was my last at-bat, and I'd gone 0-for-3 to that point, hitting righty, so I decided to switch. Bad idea. Ump called one of the strikes, but I say bullshit. The ball hit the dirt 3" in front of the plate, and easily at least that far outside. The other 3 at-bats were ground-outs or pop flies. Terrible. Need more BP, and either more swings lefty or just forget about switch-hitting.

Oh well, we'll get 'em next week.