27 June 2007

Fireballs 2, Slowskys 11

Back at it again at Field #5 tonight. I was feeling pretty optimistic about tonight's game, for some reason. I thought we were getting close on offense, and I was just feeling good about taking the field. I felt like with a few games under my belt, I could read the ball coming off the bat a little better and have an easier time of it making plays in left.

But tonight's game was just plain weird. After having 3 'home' games, we were the 'away' team, so batted first. I had cooled off too much from pre-game warm-ups, I think. I didn't hit until the top of the 2nd, but I'd decided to be more patient at the plate this time around. I took the first pitch, a ball, and took a swipe at the second. It looked good, but I got under it too much. I managed to reach first safely, however. Didn't get any farther than that, though.

Out in the field, despite all the righty batters, I got nothin'. No balls were hit on the fly to left until the 4th inning. Weird. There's almost always one guy who hits one out to left within the first couple batters. I had an okay night in LF, making the routine plays, but I couldn't get to a couple balls that I felt like I should have had. Both were soft liners over the infielders' heads, but I got a decent break on the first one. I couldn't quite get to it, though, as it seemed to kind of die on me. The second one, I didn't get a good enough break on it, but I'd have had it if I'd dived for it, I think.

My second at-bat was a pop up in the infield. Got under another good pitch, over-extended on the swing and hit the ball with the thinner part of the barrel. Very frustrating not to get anything out of it. Third time up, I was even more patient and drew a four-pitch walk. Under the bizarre rules of co-ed slow-pitch for the league we're in, that put me on second base. Whatever. I'm not arguing, because 2 batters later, my pal Jeff drove me in with a hard grounder through the hole at short.

So I'll take the run scored, but I really want to make decent contact next game. 1 for 2 with a walk isn't terrible, but I know I can contribute more. Hopefully Friday night. Y'know, 'cause I'll be older and wiser by then. :)

At least my marginally pathetic Buccos got another win tonight. C'mon guys, I know you're better than you've been playing lately. Let's go Bucs!