01 June 2007

F-Around Friday: Where'd That Come From? Edition

It's like a mystery I didn't know was there. Wearing shorts this week caused me to notice some bruises on my legs. Got a nice one on my knee, and one on my calf.

Best I can guess, they're actually from skiing. I remember taking a hard 'death cookie' just below the kneecap on Sunday morning at Timberline (probably popped up from under my inside ski on one turn), and the calf bruise is just above where the top of my ski boot would be. I seem to recall feeling a little pinch on the calf once getting on the chairlift.

It got me thinking about all the times I've bumped or scraped something and not really thought much about it, only to find out later that I'd dinged or cut myself fairly well. Any good stories of that out there this Friday? Y'know, like you scraped your arm on something, but didn't really register it in your mind that it hurt, then later notice a 3-inch long trail of dried blood on that arm?


Ryan said...

First, it's a bit late (seeings how it's nearly Sunday it's so late on Saturday) but I have noticed bruising after the fact that I had to struggle to remember why I would have gotten such a thing. Usually on my legs, and most recently after helping my friend Jenn move for 4 hours in the cold. Two days later I was getting ready for work. I looked down and was like "ick, what the hell?" only to remember that during the move I had to rush in to help another fella from being crushed by a washing machine that fell off the dolly and was tumbling down the stairs. hehe.

However, if you're later noticing a long trail of blood that you don't immeditely remember getting, you might wanna consider getting checked out for Hansen's disease. :)