08 June 2007

F-Around Friday: Sports Bloopers Edition

With the embarrassing swinging strikeout in slow-pitch softball this week, I got to thinking about the other embarrassing sports mishaps I've had. Nope, no runinng the wrong way in football a la Jim Marshall, no crashing through outfield fences, nothing like that.

I have had a blooper-reel style drop playing football, though. I was running a pass route, stopped to catch the ball, it hit me right in the hands, popped up and hit me right on top of the head. I spun around halfway to find the ball, flailed at it, almost caught it, and the second bobble caused it to hit me in the face.

Skiing - well, there have been a few crashes and miracle recoveries in race courses, but the worst two are kinda funny. One was a collision in a dual slalom training course, and the other was an interesting crash in a training course where I face-planted. It was really icy, and I bore down really hard on a turn because my edges weren't sharp. Well, they dug in this time, and my skis shot right out from under me and I went down hard.

What about you out there? Any sport-related bloopers?


Jonathan said...

Yeah. One time I was playing 500 with some friends with a baseball and gloves. Instead of a pop up like usual the person who was "it" decided a line drive would be hilarious. I couldn't see it because a friend was in front of me. He dodged out of the way at the last instant and the ball hit me squarely in the testicles. And then I crumpled up and wanted to die.

Ghost Dog said...

Welcome, jonathan! Oh man...we used to play 500 all the time back home, usually in the street. Scraped knees and elbows, mostly. Don't think I ever took one in the jewels, though. Definitely been hit with my share of baseballs. I think I was hit by more pitches than I hit my last season of Little League.